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Pallet Truck

United C-Series Pallet Truck NPP15E







  • Lift Capacity (kg): 1500
  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 0.115
  • Power: Electric
  • Workplace: Both
  • purchase_options: New

An innovative award winner of the Red Dot Design, the C-Series NPP15E is a highly customisable electric powered pallet truck model, competent of handling up to 1.5T load capacity with its lightweight and ergonomic chassis design.

Designed to improve productivity, and ease operator from physical fatigue, the NPP15E is capable of enduring longer operational hours shuttling from point to point safely and conveniently deployed anywhere, and anytime!

  • Red Dot Award 2012 Winner
  • Light weight design
  • Standard pin code start
  • Ergonomic handling
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Equipment Features

Operator Comfort
Ergonomic Handle

Fully integrated control buttons enhance ease of control over the electric lifting and lowering of forks with up to 115mm lift height.

Light Weight Design

The light weight and compact size creates excellent maneuverability and passing ability.

Document Holders

Conveniently located storage pockets on each side of the pallet truck allows the operator to easily store documents, pens and other material close by.

Productivity & Performance
Lithium Battery

The Lithium battery offers a higher energy density with longer usage life-cycle compared to lead-acid batteries.

Automatic Power Shut Down

Helps to save power when the pallet truck is not in use.

Compact Turning Circle

Light duty operation with up to 1390mm tight turning radius.

Safety Switch

The safety button increases safety by allowing the operator to cut power to the pallet truck when pressed.

Standard Pin Code Start

Exclusive pin pad to increase security and limit unauthorised use.

Limit Switches

The pallet truck includes a magnetic sensor tiller and lift limit switch.

V-Side Stabiliser

Prevents truck from toppling sideways due to an uneven terrain or uneven weight distribution, by acting as a side counterbalance.

Lower Cost
Auto-Vibration Technology

Helps reduce vibration which helps to extend maintenance free batteries operational life cycle.

Standard Built-in Charger

Convenient for onboard charging and includes a temperature indicator that prevents battery from overcharging.

Servicing & Maintenance
Easy Maintenance

The removable cover provides easy battery replacement and maintenance.

Intuitive Display

Displays to operator the battery level, running status, hours and fault code for quick diagnosis.