ECOLIFTING Solutions for Eco-efficient Lift Trucks

Konecranes innovative EOCOLIFTING solutions are designed to empower businesses to make better choices for the environment without compromising performance. Innovative in both design and performance, ECOLIFTING offers three eco-friendly drive line solutions to suit business’s needs and goals.

In the past when selecting lift trucks, businesses would often have to sacrifice one benefit at the cost of another. Often this would be choosing performance over the environmental impact. However, with the release of ECOLIFTING solutions, businesses no longer have to make a choice between green products and great ones. Businesses can now select from three lift truck drive line solutions to meet their needs and goals.

Konecranes Ecolifting Solutions for lift trucks

ECOLIFTING Solutions for Konecranes Lift Trucks

Konecranes offers three ECOLIFTING solutions for lift trucks designed to benefit  businesses. Power Drive, with up to 15% fuel savings; Flow Drive, with up to 25% fuel savings; and the pioneering Hybrid Drive, offering up to 40% fuel savings. As a result, all three innovative solutions are guaranteed to deliver economic, environmental and uncompromising performance.

Power Drive

With a minimal capital investment and very short payback time, Power Drive is the most cost-efficient way of reducing emissions and fuel costs. Proven by thousands of hours in the field, the drive line can help to bring down fuel consumption by up to 15%, while retaining the same power. This offers a significant saving of thousands of dollars every year compared to normal drive lines, while not compromising on performance.

Flow Drive

Flow Drive reduces emissions and fuel consumption by up to 25% while producing higher use cycles. In other words, it means longer intervals between refueling and more time spent on active operations, all with a minimal financial investment. Other benefits to business operations include a precise, smooth ride for operators with reduced noise and less cabin vibrations. All of which helps to boost overall productivity.

Flow Drive offers significant benefits to business operations by improving the performance of lift trucks. Improvements include;

  • Smooth and economical operation,
  • Dynamic at low speed, yet full power at high speed, with reduced wear and noise,
  • Combines full performance with ease of driving
  • Increases productivity with greater intervals between refueling.

Hybrid Drive

Hybrid drive delivers a fully electric reach stacker solution with up to 40% savings in fuel consumption and emissions. This provides a more environmentally sustainable solution for businesses through the evolution of the world’s first Hybrid Reach Stacker. Having been tested with over 10,000 hours of commercial operation, this is truly the top eco-friendly solution available.

A Future-Proof Concept

ECOLIFITING is a future-proof concept with new solutions continually in development. Konecranes is certainly one of the heavy weights in the industry when it comes to innovation and quality products. The true value of Konecranes lift trucks lies in the small, intelligent details and cutting-edge technology that make Konecranes products some of the world’s most advanced.

 “We are continuously improving the environmental performance of our products, processes and services for our customers around the world. Our customers can make better choices