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Our selection of reliable and well-maintained cherry pickers for hire will give you the reach you need up to 15 metres. These towable trailer mounted booms allow easy transportation onto site making them the perfect choice for easy pickup and go access jobs. With the flexibility to rent for a day, week or even by project, you’ll receive a competitive rental rate Australia-wide.

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Flexible Cherry Picker Hire to Suit Your Needs

Whatever your access or reach requirements, United have the cherry picker hire solution to suit your next project.

Our range of cherry picker and trailer mounted booms for hire will cover all your working at height needs. Perfect for installation and maintenance type applications, they offer platforms height up to 15 metres high with excellent horizontal reach.

These lightweight self-propelled cherry picker boom lifts can be operated both indoors and outdoors. Other useful features include AC power to platform and automatically leveling in some models. The self-drive feature is also very useful on site by allowing easy steering of the cherry picker into position. Furthermore, Hydraulic outriggers help to level the machine for optimal safety on uneven surfaces.

With United branches conveniently located across Australia, simply visit your nearest branch for quick and convenient cherry picker hire in Perth, Bunbury, Adelaide, Darwin, Brisbane, Mackay, Rockhampton, Melbourne, Ballarat, Sydney and Devonport. Contact United today!

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What is the minimum hire period for a cherry picker?

The minimum hire period of a cherry picker is one full day. We also offer flexible hire options to suit your needs, from a day, week, month or by project requirements.

Can I pick up a cherry picker from the branch?

Yes, for your convenience our cherry pickers can be picked up and towed with a vehicle that has a suitable rated tow capacity. On arrival simply visit our Operations Office and a rental team member will be able to assist you with your cherry picker hire.

What is the rated tow capacity of your cherry pickers?

Our cherry pickers vary in weight from approximately 1,200-1,500kg. A suitable vehicle with this rated tow capacity will be required to safely tow our trailer mounted booms.

If unsure, please call ahead and our united team will be happy to discuss the cherry picker tow capacities with you.

Do I need a license to hire a cherry picker?

To operate any type of boom lift, included trailer mounted and truck mounted, a person must hold either a High Risk Work license or have completed the necessary industry training, such as an EWPA Yellow Card course.

To determine which of these licenses is required will depend on the size of the boom lift being operated.


Boom lift with a boom length smaller than 11 metres (All States & Territories)


Requirements State
Competency / Industry-based training - EWPA Yellow Card or Statement of Attainment All States


Yellow card license

Boom lift with a boom length greater than 11 metres (All States & Territories)


Requirements State
High Risk Work License - WP Class All States


HRW License CN Class

The course name for this license is TLILIC2005: License to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more) (Class WP).

Can I operate a cherry picker if I have a Yellow Card?

Yes, but only if you hold a Yellow Card with BL Class. This Yellow Card will also only allow you to operate a boom lift with a boom length less than 11 metres.

Yellow card license


To operate a boom lift with a boom length greater than 11 metres, the operator must hold a valid High Risk Work license with WP Class.

HRW License CN Class

Do I need to wear a harness when operating a cherry picker?

Yes, a harness is required at all times when operating a boom lift including trailer mounted booms.

According to the Elevated Work Platform Association of Australia’s (EWPA) Policy on the Use of Fall Arrest Systems in Elevating Work Platforms,


All Boom type elevated work platforms must use a harness/fall arrest system.

“All personnel in the platform (or basket) of a boom type MEWP must use a fall arrest system or restraint device which is secured by a lanyard to an approved anchor point provided for this purpose. Boom type MEWPs can include self-propelled booms, knuckle booms, trailer lifts, cherry pickers, truck mounted booms, MEWPs that operate with a Z type of lifting arm and telehandlers fitted with EWP baskets.

Do I need to Off Hire my cherry picker?

Yes, once you have finished with the cherry picker, simply return the equipment to the branch to off hire the machine.

Please note the equipment will remain on hire and the hirer will be charged the daily rate until the cherry picker has been returned, or United had been contacted.

What if the equipment breaks down or has a fault?

In the unlikely situation of the equipment breaking down or experiencing an issue, please immediately contact United’s Service Centre on 131 607. We take these issues seriously and want to minimise any disruption to your business. Our team of responsive mobile service vehicles will visit your site and repair the equipment as quickly as possible.