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Our selection of reliable and well-maintained boom lifts for hire will give you the reach you need up to 45 metres. Available in both articulating and telescopic models, we have a boom lift suitable for any site. With the flexibility to rent for a day, week, month or even by project, you’ll receive a competitive rental rate with quick delivery Australia-wide.

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Flexible Boom Lift Rental to Suit Your Needs

Whatever your access or reach requirements, United have the right boom lift hire solution to suit your next project.

Our extensive range of boom lifts for hire will cover all your working at height needs on any site. Articulating boom lifts for versatility and horizontal reach, or telescopic booms for reaching higher working areas. For indoor use and level ground we stock compact electric models, as well as diesel models for difficult terrain outdoors. Furthermore, with the latest technology inbuilt into all our booms, you can expect ease of use, safety and outstanding performance. Enjoy competitive rates with the flexibility to hire a boom lift to suit your requirements.

With United branches conveniently located across Australia, boom lift hire in Perth, Bunbury, Adelaide, Darwin, Brisbane, Mackay, Rockhampton, Melbourne, Ballarat, Sydney and Devonport has never been easier. Contact United today!



Articulating boom lift hire

Articulating Boom Lift Hire

Our range of articulating boom lifts for hire are extremely versatile. With the ability to extend over obstacles, they can easily access the most difficult work areas. Capable of reaching up to 39 metres high, our range of electric and diesel models are suited to any site. Our electric models are ideal for indoor use with zero emissions, as well as outdoors on level ground. Furthermore, the new PULSEO electric model allows excellent operation on all terrain adding greater versatility. Our diesel models are ideal for outdoor use on the most challenging work sites like construction sites.

Telescopic boom lift hire

Telescopic Boom Lift Hire

Our range of telescopic boom lifts are ideally suited for outdoor applications. These booms provide the best outreach and are capable of reaching greater heights of up to 45 metres. With excellent all-terrain capabilities, these straight booms are perfect on the toughest work sites. With direct elevation they are very easy to use. Furthermore, the proportional and simultaneous movements provide a higher level of comfort and safety for the operator. To add greater versatility on sloping terrain, we also offer a tracked telescopic boom lift for hire.

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What is the minimum hire period for a boom lift?

The minimum hire period of a boom lift is one full day. We also offer flexible hire options to suit your needs, from a day, week, month or by project requirements.

Is transport included?

Yes, transport of access equipment to and from your site is included with our hire. When we provide you a rental quote, we will also provide a separate transport cost. This cost includes delivery and pickup of the equipment to your site at the specified dates requested.

How quickly can I have the equipment delivered?

Generally, if the required boom lift is available, we can have it delivered to your business within 24 hours in the metro area. If it’s urgent, we could also possibly have it delivered that same day within the metro area if booked in the morning. Please let us know if you require the equipment urgently and we’ll do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

Can you deliver on the weekend?

If a boom lift is required for use over the weekend, generally we would deliver on a Friday afternoon and then pick it up again on the following Monday morning. Delivery can still be organised on weekends; however, additional transport penalties may apply. Please speak to your local United for more information.

Please note that once equipment is delivered, it will need to be secured somewhere on site.

Do I need a license to operate a boom lift?

Yes, to operate a boom lift, a person must hold either a High Risk Work license or have completed the necessary industry training, such as an EWPA Yellow Card course.

To determine which of these licenses is required will depend on the size of the boom lift being operated.


Boom lift with a boom length smaller than 11 metres (All States & Territories)


Requirements State
Competency / Industry-based training - EWPA Yellow Card or Statement of Attainment All States


Yellow card license

Boom lift with a boom length greater than 11 metres (All States & Territories)


Requirements State
High Risk Work License - WP Class All States


HRW License CN Class

The course name for this license is TLILIC2005: License to operate a boom-type elevating work platform (boom length 11 metres or more) (Class WP).

Can I operate a boom lift if I have a Yellow Card?

Yes, but only if you hold a Yellow Card with BL Class. This Yellow Card will also only allow you to operate a boom lift with a boom length less than 11 metres.


To operate a boom lift with a boom length greater than 11 metres, the operator must hold a valid High Risk Work license with WP Class.


Do I need to wear a harness when operating a boom lift?

Yes, a harness is required at all times when operating a boom lift.

According to the Elevated Work Platform Association of Australia’s (EWPA) Policy on the Use of Fall Arrest Systems in Elevating Work Platforms,


All Boom type elevated work platforms must use a harness/fall arrest system

“All personnel in the platform (or basket) of a boom type MEWP must use a fall arrest system or restraint device which is secured by a lanyard to an approved anchor point provided for this purpose. Boom type MEWPs can include self-propelled booms, knuckle booms, trailer lifts, cherry pickers, truck mounted booms, MEWPs that operate with a Z type of lifting arm and telehandlers fitted with EWP baskets.


Do I need to Off Hire my boom lift?

Yes, once you have finished with the equipment, as the hirer, it is your responsibility to contact your local United branch to off hire the scissor lift. Once notified, United will organise the equipment to be immediately picked up from your site.

Please note the equipment will remain on hire and the hirer will be charged the daily rate until United had been contacted.

What if the boom lift breaks down or has a fault?

In the unlikely situation of a boom lift breaking down or experiencing an issue, please immediately contact United’s Service Centre on 131 607. We take these issues seriously and want to minimise any disruption to your business. Our team of responsive mobile service vehicles will visit your site and repair the equipment as quickly as possible.