Cat® Lift Trucks

Just like everything that carries the Caterpillar and Cat name across the globe, Cat products are renowned for their quality and reliability. Cat® Lift Trucks share the Caterpillar brand values by delivering innovative material handling solutions for the toughest and most diverse applications. With a dedicated focus on the same uncompromising quality and reliability, Cat forklifts are built to incorporate safety and maximise productivity for the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

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Productivity, quality and low total cost of ownership come standard with every Cat lift truck.

Cat 1-16 tonne forklifts suit all lifting applications from warehousing, transport and logistics, manufacturing, ports, to the harshest outdoor working environments. These stylish forklifts are durable and well-designed, yet cost effective and hard working. The Cat Lift Trucks range of forklifts on offer for purchase and hire include;

Cat Counterbalanced Forklifts

Cat Lift Trucks offer a complete range of durable lift trucks in both engine and electric powered models ranging up to 16 tonne lift capacity. These rugged machines deliver outstanding performance, efficiency and reliability for the toughest applications.

Electric Forklifts

Cat electric powered forklifts provide controllable performance to lift loads up to 3 tonne. An intelligent AC power system delivers quick acceleration and smooth handling while increasing productivity, lengthening shift life and simplifying maintenance.


LPG Forklifts

The engine powered range are designed for dependable performance and reliability for any application. Environmentally friendly engines deliver the perfect balance of horsepower and torque to lift the heaviest loads whilst maximising fuel efficiency.


Diesel Forklifts

The Cat diesel forklifts are built for a range of heavy-duty industrial applications. These rugged forklifts offer uncompromising reliability and strength to tackle the most demanding work cycles.

Cat Warehouse Equipment

Cat Lift Trucks offer a broad range of electric lift trucks for every warehouse application. Each machine is purpose built for dependable performance, long shift life and minimal maintenance downtime in the most demanding environments.

Pallet Trucks

Essential in any warehouse operation, Cat Lift Trucks provide a durable range of manual and powered pallet trucks. These versatile lift trucks provide long lasting strength and are capable of handling your toughest applications.


Reach Trucks

Cat reach trucks are designed to deliver exceptional performance and productivity within narrow aisle warehouses. Available in various models to suit your warehouse configuration, they maximise operator comfort and safety in the busiest warehouses.


Order Pickers

The narrower the aisle, the higher the racking, the cheaper the cost of storage. Cat order pickers are ideal for high, narrow or tricky-to-navigate spaces. Available up to 2 tonne load capacity, there is a dedicated machine suited to your order picking requirements.

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