Fleet Management

United’s fleet management solutions offer businesses a way to manage their access equipment and forklift fleet to maximise productivity and minimise their operating costs.

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United understand that business managers need accurate and up to date information when making decisions about their forklift fleet. Our fleet management solutions address this need by accurately providing valuable and up to date information necessary to make the right informed decision.

Our fleet management systems can be fully integrated with your current forklift and access equipment fleet no matter what the size. These online-based management systems allow you to remotely monitor and report the usage and on-board diagnostics of your forklift equipment at any given time. This increases productivity and safety whilst minimising costs associated with downtime by allowing you to schedule future maintenance before breakdowns occur.

United Fleet Management Benefits

Fleet control

Allows for proactive decision making on forklift utilisation by taking into account fleet usage patterns.

Site efficiency

measure a site’s daily, weekly and monthly usage to identify peaks and troughs.


Identify who is driving particular equipment and when.

Digital records

digital reports remove the need for paper work.

Reduce Costs

Improve process efficiencies by using real-time data.

OH&S monitoring

Track fleet drivers and hold them accountable for their actions.

Preventative Maintenance

Schedule service maintenance and time frames to reduce breakdowns and costs, as well as schedule major repairs.


allows clear visualization on possible warranty issues associated with replaced parts and returns.

Fleet Usage 

Allows management of contractual fleet usage on site.

Fleet management reporting

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