From leading Italian ladder & aerial platform manufacturer Faraone, the Elevah range of vertical masts are the next evolutionary step in lifting people, offering a compact and safer solution for moving people. These aerial platforms effectively replace conventional ladders and increase safety, eliminate the risk of falls, and maximise productivity in the workplace.

Elevah platforms include two main product ranges including;

Elevah Move

An electric platform ladder that replaces conventional step ladders in the workplace and highly suited for performing maintenance work and carrying out inspections. These compact platforms eliminate falls from low heights and boost productivity through excellent manoeuvrability and quick driving and lifting/lowering speeds.

The Elevah 40 Move, was designed as a low-cost access product, and successfully won the 2015 IAPA Product of the Year for Low Level Access.

Elevah Move electric ladders

Elevah Move Picking

Stock pickers designed to tackle all your storage and stock picking applications in the warehouse, supermarket, hardware and parts stores. Highly manoeuvrable and compact, these stock pickers add a new dimension of safety, efficiency and capabilities designed to deliver higher productivity. These machines also offer some of the of the best lift heights in their class.

Elevah order pickers

Elevah Move Picking Models

Elevah E5 Move Picking

Elevah E6 Move Picking

Elevah 40 Move Picking

Elevah 65 Move Picking


These light weight industrial platforms are built on 40+ years of Faraone manufacturing experience. They are easy to transport and provide exceptional manoeuvrability in tight workspaces. Their compact size provides the capability of easily accessing standard doorways and even elevators, maximising productivity for businesses.

United are proud to be the Australian distributor for Elevah. The Elevah vertical masts are well suited for numerous indoor access applications including maintenance, installation, electrical, glazers, warehousing, retail, facility management or anywhere a conventional ladder is used.

Discover today how an Elevah platform can lift your business.


Elevah Video