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CAT Stand In Pallet Truck 2.0 – 3.0T



  • Zero emissions and quiet operation
  • All-round visibility
  • Uncompromising power and durability
  • Best-in-class energy efficiency


Cat Stand-in pallet trucks are designed for fast and efficient internal transport of both heavy and longer loads. These pallet trucks are highly manoeuvrable and able to navigate narrow spaces, allowing businesses to reduce aisle width and fit more stock in the extra space.

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With capacities of 2.0 and 3.0 tonnes, they are suitable for use in production, warehouse, and cross-dock applications. Unlike platform power pallets, stand-in trucks are more compact and quicker to manoeuvre due to their advanced drive, steering, and stability systems, and do not require any stops for folding and unfolding the platform.

Operators can work with confidence and speed due to the presence of automated safety aids, as well as a protected and enclosed compartment that is quiet and free of vibrations. The compartment allows for easy entry and exit, and the ergonomic controls and adjustable steering help minimize stress and fatigue for the operator. The armrest, which can be adjusted to the desired height, includes a hand grip for relaxed driving and controls for simultaneous drive and hydraulic functions. These features contribute to operator comfort and productivity.

By using Cat stand-in power pallet trucks, operators will be able to work more efficiently, leading to a reduction in the amount of labour and trucks required. This in turn helps to lower the total cost of operation and results in higher profits, thanks to more efficient use of valuable space.

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  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 0.135 m
  • Power: Electric
  • Workplace: Inside
Operator Comfort
Ergonomic Compartment

The operator compartment is designed to be comfortable and minimise strain and fatigue, featuring a low step-in height, a fully floating floor that absorbs vibrations, a cushioned backrest, and ample space. These features work together to provide a comfortable and safe working environment for the operator.


Adjustable Steering

The steering wheel can be fully adjusted to accommodate different driving positions depending on the direction of travel. This allows the operator to find the most comfortable and effective driving position.


Adjustable Armrest

The adjustable armrest comfortably supports the wrist and positions the hand in a way that allows the operator to easily use the thumbwheel throttle, fingertip hydraulic levers, and other controls simultaneously. This helps to reduce fatigue and improve operator comfort and productivity.


Quiet Operation

The low-noise specification of the equipment includes quiet, temperature-controlled fans and speed-regulated lift pump motors, creating a pleasant working environment for the operator. These features help to reduce noise levels and maintain a comfortable temperature within the operator compartment.


Ample Storage

To help operators stay organized and efficient on the job, the equipment includes a large tool storage compartment located under the armrest and accessible from outside the truck, as well as holders for smaller equipment, a phone, and drinks. There is also a writing desk with a paper clamp to help keep important documents and notes within easy reach. These working aids contribute to a more efficient and productive work environment.


Dash Display

The optional intuitive multifunctional display helps to keep operators informed and provides clear, easy-to-view information. The display is positioned and angled for optimal visibility, enabling operators to stay informed and make informed decisions.

Productivity & Performance
AC Technology

The advanced AC motor and control technology used in the equipment enables fast, smooth, and precise driving and load handling, helping to improve operator efficiency and productivity. This technology allows for precise control of the equipment, enabling operators to handle loads with precision and confidence.


Power Steering

The electric power steering on the equipment is designed to automatically adjust sensitivity based on speed and angle, providing high precision in tight manoeuvres and high stability when traveling fast and straight. This progressive feature helps to improve operator control and safety, enabling them to handle the equipment with confidence and precision.


Automatic Cornering Control

To ensure quick but safe, stable, and confident turns, the automatic cornering control feature reduces the maximum travel speed based on the steering angle. This helps operators maintain control and safety while navigating turns, allowing them to do so with confidence and precision.


Efficient Fork Deign

To improve efficiency and protect the integrity of the pallets being handled, the pallet truck is equipped with tapered forks and angled fork tips. These features allow for faster pallet entry with a reduced risk of damage.


Higher Ground Clearance

The pallet truck is designed with a high ground clearance to help prevent it from getting stuck on ramps or uneven floors.


Efficient Battery Design

The battery on the pallet truck is mounted on steel rollers with bearings, which allows for easy and quick battery swaps, minimising downtime and helping to maintain a high level of productivity.


Li-on Battery (Optional)

The use of a Li-ion battery enhances performance and allows for fast opportunity charging via an easily accessible connector. This enables continuous operation without the need for battery changes, improving efficiency and minimising downtime.


360 Degree Steering (Optional)

The optional 360-degree steering feature allows for fluid turning without the need to stop and change direction, improving operator efficiency and productivity. This feature enables the equipment to navigate tight spaces and make turns smoothly and efficiently.


Increased Drive Speed (Optional)

The optional increased drive speed feature allows the equipment to reach a maximum speed of 12 km/h with loads trailing and 10 km/h with loads leading, for loads up to 1 tonne. For heavier loads, the top speed is automatically reduced to ensure safety. This feature helps to improve operator efficiency and productivity by enabling faster travel speeds.

Enclosed Cabin

To provide all-round protection, the operator position is enclosed by a heavy-duty chassis and integrated bumper. There is also an optional overhead guard with pillars and roof available for additional protection. These features help to ensure operator safety and reduce the risk of accidents or injuries on the job.


Excellent Visibility

Clear all-round and fork-tip visibility is achieved through careful design, helping to improve operator safety and efficiency. This enables operators to see their surroundings and navigate the pallet truck with precision and confidence.


Presence Sensor

The optical presence sensor helps to reduce stress and fatigue by allowing the operator to make small foot movements without accidentally activating the automatic braking system. This feature helps to improve operator comfort and safety, allowing them to operate the pallet truck with confidence and control.


Fail-Safe Battery Lock

The easy, fail-safe battery lock helps to avoid delays and accidents during battery exchanges, improving operator efficiency and safety. This feature ensures that the battery is securely locked in place, minimizing the risk of accidents or disruptions.


Multifunctional Display (Optional)

The optional multifunctional display includes a PIN code identification feature to prevent unauthorised use. In addition, the choice of PRO, ECO, and EASY modes allows the performance of the truck to be matched to the operator's experience and the specific application. This helps to ensure that the equipment is being used safely and effectively.


Ergo Forks (Optional)

To help improve operator comfort and safety, the optional ergo forks trailing control feature allows operators standing in the direction of travel with the forks trailing to adjust the speed from a more convenient position and with clearer vision. This enables them to better control the equipment and navigate their surroundings.

Servicing & Maintenance
Robust Design

With its robust construction and component sealing, the pallet truck is able to withstand demanding multi-shift operations and minimize damage and wear. These features help to improve the longevity and reliability of the equipment, reducing the need for repairs and maintenance.


Display Alerts

The optional multifunctional display with onboard diagnostics helps to encourage correct use of the pallet truck and speeds up maintenance. This feature provides useful information and alerts to help operators use the equipment safely and efficiently and allows for quick and accurate diagnosis of any issues that may arise.


Fast Maintenance

Fast maintenance access and low servicing requirements, combined with long service intervals, help to reduce downtime, and improve equipment availability.


Li-on Battery (Optional)

The optional fully integrated Li-ion battery increases battery efficiency, runtime, and lifespan, while minimising maintenance needs. This helps to lower the total cost of operation (TCO) by reducing the need for repairs and maintenance and increasing the amount of time the equipment can be used.


Cat Stand-in Pallet Truck 2-3T

Model Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Wheelbase
NPR20N2 2,000 600 1547
NPR30N2 3,000 600 1547



Cat Stand-in Pallet Truck 2-3T

Cat stand-in pallet truck 2-3T Brochure