Konecranes Lift Trucks

Konecranes are pioneers of the industry and one of the biggest names in heavy duty lifting. World renowned for their overhead cranes and shipyard cranes in businesses and ports around the world, they are also famously known today for their lift trucks. The Konecranes lift truck brand is synonymous for its strength, performance and reliability and well known for its famous box-type chassis. United is the Australian national distributor of Konecranes lift trucks as well as the distributor for New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.


For heavy loads up to 65 tonnes you can’t look past the Konecranes range of heavy duty lift trucks. Built to cope with long, arduous shifts and challenging environments, these SMV forklifts and lift trucks make moving the largest loads safe and productive. The Konecranes Lift Truck range available for purchase and hire include;

The foundation of Konecranes lift trucks long-lasting high performance is based around their strong box-type chassis, lift masts and tilt cylinders which are extremely durable. Smart load sensing hydraulics and intelligent electronic machine control makes the truck smarter, smoother and more fuel efficient, and ultimately gives Konecranes an edge over its competitors. This intelligence built into every truck allows companies to tune the trucks performance to their specific requirements. With impeccable workmanship and these technologies inbuilt into all their trucks, Konecranes truly understand the needs of their customers.

Discover today why Konecranes are truly the heavy weights of the business!