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Elevah Electric Ladder Boosts Safety & Productivity

The Elevah electric ladder replaces industrial ladders by speeding up the time it takes to complete tasks from low heights. This agile electric access ladder also increases safety by reducing preventable falls in the workplace.

  • Compact and agile in the tightest work spaces.
  • Highly manoeuvrable with handle bar steering and acceleration.
  • Easy transportation to site using a specialised lift trolley.
Own now from just $5.00/day* or $7,650+gst.

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Compact and Manoeuvrable

The Elevah electric ladder includes a compact width of 740mm which allows access through the tightest workspaces. Comfortable handle bar steering and acceleration delivers precise control with a tight turning circle and a swift 1 metre a second driving speed.

Stable and Safe

Working at height is completely safe due to the electric ladders enclosed cage and stable frame design. Operators can store tools in the inbuilt compartments and comfortably work safely at working heights up to four metres.

Easy transportation

The electric ladder is easily transported to site thanks to the patented lift trolley. An electronic remote firstly raises the platform, then the specialised trolley passes under the ladder and smoothly rolls it onto a vehicle with ease.

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Elevah Electric Ladder Benefits Over Industrial Ladders

The Elevah electric and platform ladder is highly suited to all types of maintenance, installation and inspection applications at low heights. Whether it’s installing a light globe, inspecting an office roof cavity or simply cleaning windows, the electric access ladder is the safer alternative to industrial ladders.

Increases Safety

Elevah electric ladders help reduce preventable falls in the workplace from low heights, common with industrial ladders. The electric ladder includes a collapsible cage which safely encloses the operator within the platform. This thereby eliminates falls and allows the operator to safely work up to 4 metres.

According to SafeWork NSW in 2011-2016  alone, 3,168 workers in NSW were injured from falling off ladders at low heights.

Saves Time

Elevah electric warehouse ladders enhance efficiency by speeding up the time it takes to perform tasks at height. The platform eliminates the need to continuously step up and down a step ladder each time it needs to be repositioned. This increases productivity by halving the time it takes to do many of the same tasks.

Easy Positioning

Once the electric ladder is in position, the powered push button quickly raises and lowers the platform. These simple operational movements increase safety and stability for the operator compared to conventional ladders.

Reduces Fatigue

Repetitive maintenance tasks with an industrial ladder can increase a worker’s fatigue. Movements such as continuously carrying, repositioning and scaling a ladder, especially over long distance, can contribute to this. The Elevah electric ladder through it’s swift travel speed and automatic raising/lowering helps minimise operator fatigue.

Elevah 40 Move Electric Ladder

These light elevated work platform ladders are the perfect solution for low height access tasks. Ideal applications include facilities maintenance, electrical, cleaning, retail, manufacturing and much more.

  • 4 metre working height
  • 150kg lift capacity,
  • Compact 740mm width,
  • Quick 1 metre/second forward speed,
  • Very tight turning circle,
  • Storage compartments for tools,
  • 2015 Product of the Year – IAPA Awards.
Own from $5.00/day* or $7,650+gst

Learn more about the 40 Move Electric Ladder.

Installation, Maintenance & Cleaning.

The Elevah electric ladder is ideafor installations, maintenance and cleaning.

Warehousing & Food and Beverage.

The Elevah electric ladder is also idea in the warehouse as well as food and beverage applications.

*Prices based on a 60 month finance term with nil balloon. Prices exclude GST and transport. $300 bank establishment fee applies. This is not a finance approval. Finance provided by Finance Exchange Australia Pty Ltd. Credit License No. 364764.


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