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Elevah Stock Picker 40 Move Picking



  • Ultra-compact stock picker
  • 200kg total lift capacity
  • Up to 100kg picking tray capacity
  • Fast moving speed of 5km/h


The Elevah 40 Move Picking stock picker is a versatile self-propelled platform suited for most stock picking applications. It includes a 4.0 metre working height which is ideal for higher warehouse racking and store shelving. The stock pickers quick 5km/h driving speed and joystick control provides comfortable steering and excellent manoeuvrability for the operator. Its compact 715mm width and tight turning circle further allows the stock picker to access congested spaces, narrow aisles, and doorways very easily.

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The large picking tray with a 100kg lift capacity adds greater versatility by allowing the 40 Move Picker to carry heavier products. The height of the tray can also be adjusted to allow more products to be stacked which saves time. Made entirely of aluminium with a total weight of just 365kg, the Elevah 40 Move Picking stock picker is the ideal stock picking solution for retail, warehousing, and installation applications.

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  • Lift Capacity (kg): 200 kg
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Both


Elevah Stock Picker 40 Move Picking

  40 Move Picking
Max working height 4.0 m
Max lift capacity 200 kg
Workplace Internal and external
Closed machine height 1730 mm
Minimum platform height 290 mm
Maximum platform height 1950 mm
Base overall dimensions 1000 x 715 x 1425 mm
Cage dimensions 685 x 580 mm
Machine weight 365 kg
Driving wheels size 186 x 60 mm
Idle rear wheels size 150 x 40 mm
Picking Platform  
Dimensions 500 x 680 mm
Power Electric
Stroke 700 mm
Min. height from the ground 850 mm
Maximum height from the ground 2875 mm
Capacity 100 kg
Power supply 24V
Batteries 2 AGM 12V 45 Ah
Battery charger 115V-230V 50/60 Hz
Maximum climbing ability 15 %
Surmountable landing slope 15 %
Internal turning radius 900 mm
External radius 1780 mm
Max. speed (rising – descending) 0.15 m/s
Maximum shifting speed 5 km / h
Maximum pressure for wheel at full load 1.85 kN



Elevah Stock Picker 40 Move Picking


Elevah 40 Move Picking Brochure