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Elevah E5 Tyres



  • Impressive 5.15 m platform working height
  • Compact size – only 74 cm wide
  • Easy and practical to move
  • Lift up to 120 kg


The Elevah E5 Tyres is an ultra-compact, specialised stock picker designed for the pneumatic sector. It safely lifts a complete set of tyres weighing up to 120 kg.

This stock picker streamlines work by reducing effort. It allows operators to lift tyres directly from the ground, as well electrically adjust the lift height to move the tyres closer or farther from the operator as needed.

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The platform can reach a maximum height of 3.86 meters during operation, while the tyre forks itself can extend up to 4.00 meters.

The E5 Tyres is remarkably compact, measuring only 74 cm in width, making it easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces.

Easy and practical to operate, it is self-propelled in height and can be driven with just one hand thanks to the comfortable joystick control.

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  • Lift Capacity (kg): 220 kg
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Both


Elevah E5 Tyres

  E5 Tyres
Max working height 5.15 m
Max lift capacity 220 kg
Workplace Internal and external
Closed machine height 1690 mm
Minimum platform height 289 mm
Maximum platform height 3150 mm
Base overall dimensions 1790/ 700 /1160 mm
Cage dimensions 685 x 600 mm
Machine weight 775 kg
Driving wheels size 186 x 60 mm
Idle rear wheels size 150 x 40 mm
Tyres Tool  
Tyres forks 545 mm – 595mm
Adjustment Electric
Stroke 1430 mm
Min. height from the ground 50 mm
Max. height from the ground 4075 mm
Capacity 120 kg
Power supply 24V
Batteries Lead-Acid 12V 105 Ah
Battery charger 110 V – 220 V
Maximum climbing ability 15%
Climbing ability at height 2,5%
Internal turning radius 0
External turning radius 1060 mm
Max. speed (rising – descending) 0.2 m / s
Maximum shifting speed 0.2 m/s
Maximum pressure for wheel at full load* 3,4 kN
Work cycles (with fresh batteries) ** 100

* Maximum pressure whereas the weight of the platform plus the maximum load on the basket are completely distributed on one side of the platform (totally asymmetric load).

** By work cycle we mean a self-propelled movement of 20 m with a full ascent to and descent from the maximum height and with adjustment of the loading platform.


Elevah E5 Tyres


Elevah E5 Tyres