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Elevah Stock Picker 65 Move Picking



  • Double picking platform
  • Optimal comfort and safety
  • 1 metre a second driving speed
  • Compact width of 78cm


The Elevah 65 Move Picking stock picker is the ideal self-propelled platform for high stock picking applications. Its 6.50 metre working height offers the best lift height in its class compared to other products in the market. 

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This makes the 65 Move Picking highly suitable for high warehouse racking and store shelving, which helps businesses to save space and reduce costs. The stock picker provides a quick one metre a second driving speed and excellent manoeuvrability with its tight turning circle and joystick control. Driveable at full height, its compact width of 78cm further allows the 65 Move Picking to access tight areas and standard doorways.

The platform includes two picking trays which allows the operator to carry more products at the same time. The main tray has a lifting capacity of 100kg, and the height can be adjusted to stack on more products. The smaller tray has a 20kg lift capacity which is perfect for holding smaller parts and products. Included features like the foot pressure switch adds further safety by disabling movement of the machine if the operator is not standing correctly on the platform. The 65 Move Picking is a very versatile stocker picker suited for many applications including retail, hardware, warehousing, automotive, hospitals and much more.

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  • Lift Capacity (kg): 200 kg
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Both


Elevah Stock Picker 65 Move Picking

  65 Move Picking
Max working height 6.50 m
Max lift capacity 200 kg
Workplace Internal and external
Closed machine height 1720 mm
Minimum platform height 460 mm
Maximum platform height 4700 mm
Base overall dimensions 1280 x 1780 x 780 mm
Cage dimensions 640 x 710 mm
Machine weight 830 kg
Fixed picking tray dimensions 440 x 740 mm
Fixed picking tray capacity 20 kg
Driving wheels size 220 x 65 mm
Idle rear wheels size 200 x 50 mm
Picking Platform  
Adjustment Electric
Stroke 600 mm
Min. height from the ground 820 mm
Max. height from the ground 5650 mm
Dimensions 500 mm, 680 mm
Capacity 100 kg
Power supply 24V
Batteries Lead Acid Batteries 12V 105 Ah
Battery charger 110 V – 220 V
Maximum climbing ability 15 %
Climbing ability at height 2.5 %
Internal turning radius 0
External turning radius 1095 mm
Max. speed (rising – descending) 0.2 m / s
Maximum speed (with basket on the ground) 5 km / h
Maximum pressure for wheel at full load 3.6 kN
Work cycles (with fresh batteries) ** Ca. 130



Elevah Stock Picker 65 Move Picking


Elevah 65 Move Picking Brochure