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Konecranes Electric E-VER Forklifts

Introducing the all new eco-efficient Konecranes E-VER Electric Forklift.

Combining the long-lasting, heavy-duty Konecranes Lift Truck you know, with the latest eco-efficient features.

Enhance productivity, reduce energy consumption, and prevent exhaust emissions.

Enhance your driving experience with the Konecranes Electric Forklift.

Arriving 2021.

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Powered by Lithium-Ion

The E-VER Series reduces energy consumption by up to 70% by using it's fully electric driveline and Lithium-Ion battery. Also, recharging only takes 45 minutes.

Smart Connected Display

View the forklifts performance, autonomy, maintenance schedule and much more through the smart connected touchscreen display.

Powerful Lifting Ability

Lift faster than ever with the E-VER Series single 110 kW motor. Additionally, choose from a range of different attachments for specialised use.

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Available from 10 - 18 tonne, the E-VER series of forklifts are eco-efficient while providing exceptional levels of power and performance.

Designed on a sturdy frame, the E-VER series achieves smooth acceleration and fast lifting speeds with a significant decrease in energy costs and environmental impact.

Boost your productivity with a forklift that is built for any application.

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E-VER Forklift Features

  • Fully electric driveline
  • Less noise and vibration when in operation
  • Spacious and comfortable OPTIMA cabin
  • A large smart-connected monitor that displays vital information
  • Ergonomic controls
  • Eco-efficient Lithium-ion battery
  • Faster lifting speeds
  • Easy maintenance
  • Fast charging
  • Quick acceleration
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Safe battery chemistry
  • A variety of optional attachments
  • And much more.