Australia’s Most Compact Trailer Mounted Boom Lift

28 November 2017

The new Comet X-Trailer is Australia’s most compact trailer mounted boom lift with a stowed length of just 3.10m. This makes it the most compact in its class and only takes a single car space when parked. Where traditional trailer mounts have a longer boom length from the base, Comet has minimised this length. Comet’s smart design has decreased the booms length to improve storage without sacrificing overall performance. As a result, it is more compact when towing and allows for improved access when working both indoors and outdoors. The lightweight design also ensures is can be towed by a range of vehicles including mid-size sedans.

The Comet X-Trailer has a working height of 12m with a lift capacity of 200kg. A horizontal outreach of 4.5m makes it ideal for accessing high or tricky areas. Furthermore the 360-degree rotation provides extra flexibility in movement when on site. Where operators require a compact boom whilst maintaining a good working height and reach, the Comet achieves this. This makes the cherry picker ideal for a range of applications including sign writing, electrical, painting, glazers and facility maintenance.

The trailer mounted boom lift is built to the highest quality standards by one of Italy’s oldest and most respected EWP manufacturers, Comet Officine. These machines are fully compliant and meet strict European and Australian standards.

United are proud to be offering another new and innovative product to the market. The Comet trailer mounted boom is available to purchase, and soon to hire, being the latest edition to the national rental fleet.


Watch the Comet X-Trailer Video

Trailer Mounted Boom Lift Standout Features

Compact and Lightweight

Comet X-Trailer’s total weight starts from just 1,200kg for the standard model and 1400kg for the hybrid model. Mid-size sedans can tow the X-trailer without the need of heavy duty vehicles.

Smooth controls

Hydraulic controls provide high levels of accuracy and precision in movement. Found in both the basket and boom, they are comfortable and easy to use for the operator.

 Hydraulic controls on the trailer mounted boom lift are easy to use and very precise.

Available in Various Models

The Comet trailer mounted boom lift is available in battery electric, petrol, diesel and hybrid models (diesel & electric). The diesel and petrol models are ideal for a range of outdoor applications, whilst the electric model for indoor use.

The hybrid model provides extra flexibility for businesses who work on different work sites. Working indoors is possible with the battery electric power providing clean and quiet operation. The convenient switch allows operators to easily switch between battery electric and diesel power.

Optional Self-Drive System

The Comet X-Trailer is available with an optional self-drive system, which allows easy on-site manoeuvring of the trailer. Operators can also use the controls to drive the trailer smoothly up to a vehicle and position it ready for towing. This feature enhances safety by eliminating the need to manually push and position the trailer.

Self-drive controls make mving the Comet trailer mounted boom in position both safe and easy.

Power to the Platform

The X-Trailer’s smart design provides optimal worker efficiency. The trailer boom comes with a 240-volt power outlet in the platform. Simply connect to mains power and workers can use their power tools when working at height.

Operator Safety Features

The Comet X-Trailer comes with additional safety features to protect the operator on site. Two emergency shut-down switches are accessible in the basket and lower boom. A ‘dead man pedal’ positioned on the basket floor, locks the boom in place and prevents it from moving whilst working at height.


For more information, including envelope and specification data sheet, visit the Comet X-Trailer product page.