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Cat Sit-on Reach Truck 1.4-2.0T NRF



  • Perfect all-rounder for warehouse tasks
  • Powerful acceleration and excellent manoeuvrability
  • Optimal levels of comfort for the operator
  • Extensive range of features


The Cat sit-on reach trucks are one of the most reliable and versatile lift trucks for use in warehouse environments. Whether you are lifting, transporting, or manoeuvring goods, these reach trucks are the perfect all-rounder.

With a lift capacity up to 2.0 tonnes, these sit-on reach trucks provide powerful acceleration, excellent manoeuvrability, and optimal stability. Thanks to the outstanding design of the mast and chassis, the reach truck can handle loads at up to 7 metres high without any reduction in lifting capacity.

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The reach truck is ergonomically designed with an extensive range of innovative features which boost efficiency and performance. Including regenerative speed control, a sophisticated battery loading system, excellent visibility and soft landing and shock absorption.

The operator compartment provides optimal levels of comfort for the operator, thanks to tilt positioned fingertip levers, an adjustable steering column, a large armrest, suspension seating and much more.

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  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 6.00 m
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Both
Operator Comfort
Excellent Workspace

The reach trucks wide and protected cabin with inbuilt step and ergonomic grab handle allows for easy and unobstructed entry. The adjustable seat with suspension and easy to reach controls provide maximum levels of comfort for the operator.

The reach trucks wide and protected cabin with inbuilt step and ergonomic grab handle allows easy and unobstructed entry.

Ergonomic Pedals

The low-lying angle of the pedals effectively reduces strain in the ankles by allowing the operator to rest his heels on the floor. This in combination with passive and regenerative braking from the accelerator and brake pedals allows for smoother operation and comfort.

Comfortable Seat

The reach truck includes a contoured, full suspension seat for maximum comfort. Operators can adjust the position, weight, and lumbar support to suit their ideal seating position.

12 Degree Tilt Steering Column

With an adjustable steering column with 12 degrees of tilt available, the operator can ensure they are in their most comfortable driving position. The tilting is also spring assisted for easy control of the tilt angle.

Electronic Parking Brake

An electronic parking brake switch allows the operator to effortlessly apply the brake compared to standard braking levers. Easily push the button down to apply and pull the button up to disengage the brake.

Productivity & Performance
Powerful Lifting Capacities

This high capacity lifting together with excellent visibility ensures optimal productivity and performance. The reach trucks high mast strength and stiffened chassis produces class leading capacity retention at full heights.

Adjustable Controls

The steering console can be angled horizontally, up, or down, allowing the operator to adjust to the most suitable position. The armrest and fingertip controls also provide excellent support for hand positioning and allows for more mobility.

LCD Display

Monitor the forklifts critical systems to improve safety and efficiency using the LCD display. The display quickly allows to run diagnostics and troubleshooting which helps reduce maintenance costs and minimise downtime.

Responsive Drive System

The automated safety Responsive Drive System (RDS) combines advanced mast handling, stability enhancements and mast sway minimisation to effectively protect the operator. It also includes a choice of fully programmable or user selected modes to suit the task and operator.

Dead Man Pedal

Is an added safety feature which prevents truck operation unless depressed by the weight of the operators left foot, and ensures the leg always stays in the truck during operation.

Soft Landing

Forklifts equipped with two stage simplex masts include a unique feature which slows down the forks as they approach the ground. This helps protect goods from hard drops or shock causing damage. This also reduces wear and damage to the forks.

PDS+ Safety

The Presence Detection System Plus (PDS+) improves safety by automatically locking all forklift operations when an operator has left the seat. This feature complies with Australian Standards and helps eliminate accidents caused by unexpected movements whilst off the forklift.

Operator Access Code (PIN)

An operator access code is a standard feature available on the forklift. The forklift can be setup with a custom PIN code to control unauthorised use of the forklift which improves safety.

Servicing & Maintenance
Easy accessibility to engine

Access to the engine and important components is quick and easy with the forklifts rear hinged hood. The hood does not require specialty tools to open allowing for quick inspection thus improving uptime and lowering maintenance.

Extended 500 Hour Service Intervals

Due to the durable engine and quality components, the service intervals have been increased from 200 to 500 hours. This efficiently drives down preventative maintenance time and costs over the life of the forklift.


Cat Sit-on Reach Trucks NRF

Model Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Wheelbase (mm)
NRF14CA 1400 600 1350
NRF16CA 1600 600 1450
NRF20CA 2000 600 1500


Cat Sit-on Reach Trucks


Cat Sit-on Reach Trucks Brochure

Cat Sit-on Reach Trucks Brochure