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Cat Low Level Order Picker 1.2-2.5T



  • Powerful AC drive motor
  • Electronic steering
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Good all-round visibility


The next generation Cat low level order picker, NO-N2, is ideal for first and second level picking. The order picker range combines the latest energy efficiency with advanced performance and ergonomics to increase productivity and profits in warehouses.

Advanced steering functionality through optimised controllers and software, empowers operators by responding quickly and intelligently to their needs. This includes intelligent curve control, advanced traction control and different driving modes.

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Clever design features also help boost productivity by speeding up typical order picking tasks. From a spacious operator compartment to new functions like ‘flying start’ which help speed up workflow. Furthermore, the order pickers ergonomic features improve operator comfort, reduce fatigue and increase safety. This includes an innovative steering wheel with user-friendly controls, suspension floor and angled footrest, which boost operator efficiency and confidence. Inbuilt safety functions also ensure controlled power with steady performance.

The No-N2 low level order picker is available in 8 models ranging from 1.2 to 2.5 tonne capacities. The range is designed to suit a wide variety of warehouse applications and include rising fork (F), rising platform (P) and scissor lift models (X).

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  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 0.135 m
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Both
Operator Comfort
Spacious Operator Compartment

The order pickers unobstructed compartment with a low step height and non-slip mats ensures quick and safe access.


Suspension Floor

A triple suspension floor provides high comfort to the operator by dampening shocks and vibrations. The floating structure with a thick matting reduces micro vibrations which helps relax the knees and ankles.


Innovative Steering Wheel

The adjustable steering wheel includes comfortable hand grips with ergonomically shaped controls integrated into the steering wheel. Operators can easily press the accelerator trigger and other controls quite while vibration dampening makes steering very comfortable.


Reversing Steering Control

Operators can use a one-handed grip on the top of the steering for comfortable and controlled reversing. This position enables operators to adopt a sideways position and reduces the twisting of the shoulders and wrist leading to strain.

Productivity & Performance
Energy Efficiency

The integration of a single-unit motor and gear design allows higher gear ratio for increased rotational speed and less energy loss. This helps to deliver the best energy efficiency in the market.


Curve Control

The order pickers intelligent curve controls react rapidly to an operator travel speed and driving behaviour. It works quickly to meet the changing needs by adjusting the sensitivity, cornering speed and angle limitation.


Flying Start Function

This function provides quicker access to drive by allowing operators to begin accelerating from a walk beside position. Prior to stepping onto the presence detecting floor mat, operators can start accelerating to improve their workflow.


Bevelled Fork Tips

The rounded forks and tandem load wheels allow for easy and rapid pallet entry even at slight angles. This improves productivity and minimises the likelihood of damage.


Class-leading Lift Height

The N0-N2 low level order picker has a class-leading forklift height up to 220mm, even in the lowest lifting models. When working on ramps and loading docks, this enhances ground clearance of pallets and cages leading to faster and safer handling.


ECO & PRO Driving Modes

Operators can choose the driving mode and customise settings that best suits the application and their requirements.

Walk Through Access

The optimised backrest shape and height provides excellent walk-through access, especially when carrying goods.


Regenerative Braking

The optimised regenerative braking enables smooth operation and safety in all conditions. It eliminates the swaying effect when coming to a full stop and combines with hill hold function and anti-lock brakes.


Advanced Traction Control

Traction control enables smooth and rapid acceleration while preventing wheelspin when carrying heavy loads or driving on slippery surfaces. This increases operator safety and minimise related wear associated with wheelspin and sliding.

Servicing & Maintenance
Durable Construction

A one-piece frame with welded steel construction and wide forks is trouble-free and provides maximum durability. This results in minimum wear that the extends life of the order picker and maximises uptime.


Quick Service Access

Easy and quick access to systems and main components for servicing helps to minimise downtime and costs.


LCD Display

The LCD display provides the operator with important information like service hours and battery status. This ensures the correct service maintenance which can lower the total cost of ownership.


Cat Low Level Order Picker

Model Capacity (kg) Fork Height (mm) Model Type
NO20N2 2000 135 Standard
NO20N2P 2000 135 Rising Platform
NO25N2 2500 135 Rising Forks
NO25N2P 2500 135 Rising Platform & Forks
NO20N2X 2000 765 Scissor Lift
NO20N2XP 2000 765 Scissor Lift & Rising Platform
NO12N2F 1200 765 / 1115 Rising Forks
NO12N2FP 1200 765 / 1115 Rising Platform & Forks


Cat Low Level Order Picker Brochure

Cat Low Level Order Picker Brochure