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Counterbalanced Forklifts

Cat Diesel Forklift 1.5-3.5 Tonne



  • Powerful and fuel-efficient engines
  • Power shift transmissions which are easy to operate
  • Easy maintenance
  • Advanced PDS safety system for enhanced safety


The 1.5-3.5 tonne range of Cat diesel forklifts are built to for a range of heavy-duty industrial applications. These rugged forklifts offer uncompromising reliability and strength to tackle the most demanding work cycles.

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Unlike the LPG forklift models, the 1-3.5 tonne Cat diesel forklift offers greater torque with consistent power. Equipped with a powerful and industrial strength S4Q2 and S4S diesel engine, they deliver greater acceleration and lift speeds. Furthermore, these well-designed engines are dependable, easy to maintain and economical to run.

Cat diesel powered forklifts are highly suited for outdoor applications and designed to withstand tough, wet and dirty conditions. These forklifts also perform well on gradients and are ideal for towing work and lifting consistent capacities. This make them perfect for demanding industries like agriculture, mining, concrete and more.

Compact diesel forklift models (C) are also available. The compact width delivers a smaller turning circle than the standard models, which provides better manoeuvrability in tighter areas.

The 1-3.5 tonne range of Cat diesel forklifts are both stylish and modern. They are equipped with a host of standard features designed to increase productivity and safety. An extensive list of options is also available to suit any application. This includes various sized masts up to 7 metres, specialised attachments, safety features and many more.

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  • Power: Diesel
  • Workplace: Both
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 7.00 m
Operator Comfort
Ergonomic Cabin

An open workspace with an ergonomic dash layout and spacious floor area provides maximum comfort to the operator. This minimises overall fatigue and improves operator efficiency.


Full Suspension Seat

A contoured suspension seat with back cushion ensures consistent comfort for the operator over long shifts. Operators can adjust the weight, position and lumbar support to suit their ideal driving position. The seat features a hip restraint, seat belt and seat switch , which is part of the overall safety system – Presence Detection System (PDS).


Adjustable Steering

Operators can adjust the steering column to suit their personal posture and driving position thanks to the 12-degree tilt range. The LCD monitor is also built into the steering column, which provides consistent visibility as the column is adjusted.  Furthermore, a memory position on the column allows for quick and easy opening of the engine hood.


Effortless Synchroniser

The latest steering gear design with positive and effortless lock to lock steering control allows for easy manoeuvring. Full stoke steering can also be achieved while standing still. Furthermore, the steering synchroniser feature further improves handling and increases comfort for the operator.


Easy Entry

A wide-open step and large grab bar allow the operator to firmly grasp and enter and exit the forklift easily and safely.


Powershift Transmission

The transmission is one speed forward, one speed reverse and includes a torque converter and inching control for smooth and easy driving.

Productivity & Performance
Powerful Diesel Engines

The 3.3 litre S4S and 2.5 litre S4Q2 diesel engines are designed for industrial applications and offer high power and reliability. These hardworking engines are also environmentally friendly by delivering lower fuel consumption and emissions. A reduction in engine noise and vibration also increases comfort for the operator.

Digital LCD Display

The digital display provides easy monitoring of the forklifts systems and controls at a glance. Here the operator can view speed and load weight, fuel levels and monitor any important alerts. The display also indicates service requirements, which can help prevent unexpected down time and cost due to unscheduled maintenance and service.


Fuel Saver Mode

For maximum fuel efficiency whilst maintaining exceptional productivity a fuel saver mode can be engaged. This mode effectively reduces the initial acceleration of the forklift thus reducing fuel consumption by 14 percent whilst maintaining 95 percent of the forklift’s overall productivity.


Excellent Stability

The forklifts low centre of gravity provides excellent stability and smooth handling for the operator.


Excellent Operational Speeds

Competitive travel and lift speeds


High Visibility Masts

Strong masts provide excellent visibility and rigidity thanks to narrow mast channels and well positioned hoses and chains on the side. This allows the operator to view the forks, load and surrounding area without straining the body which increases productivity and performance.

Presence Detection System (PDS)

Cat forklifts include the Presence Detection System (PDS) which is a safety feature that complies with the Australian Standard AS2359.The system prevents movement of the forklift if the operator has not followed a series of steps in sequential order including engaging the handbrake, sitting on the seat, switching on the ignition and then engaging the seatbelt. This process must be followed each time the forklift handbrake is engaged, or the ignition is switched off. Download the Presence Detection System brochure.


Anti-Slip Surfaces

A wide anti-slip step and textured floor mat reduces the risk of operators slipping when entering and exiting the forklift. This added safety helps operators when working outdoors especially in dirty or wet site conditions.


Double Action Parking Brake

To release the brake, operators must push the button while moving the handle forward. This double action improves safety as the brake cannot be accidently released while exiting the forklift. Simply pulling back the on the handle quickly and easily engages the brake.


Well Designed Head Guards

The overhead guards clear design improves safety by providing good upward visibility for the operator. This is ideal in warehouses by allowing operators to effortlessly place and retrieve loads at higher stacking heights.


Rear Horn

An additional rear hand grab on the back of the overhead guard includes a conveniently placed horn. When driving in reverse, operators can easily and comfortably warn pedestrians and other vehicles of the approaching forklift.


Rear Horn

A rear hand grab with horn is conveniently positioned on the back overheard guard. This allows operators to easily alert pedestrians and other operators when driving in reverse.


Speed Limiter (Optional)

The forklifts speed limit can be adjusted to suit a business’s site requirement. This helps increase safety in high traffic work environments and helps protect damage to property and equipment through collisions.


Blue Safety Light (Optional)

Blue safety lights can be installed as an effective safety solution with any business. These lights can be mounted at the front and rear of the forklift to effectively warn pedestrians and other vehicles of an approaching forklift. These lights are great for managing blind spots and when operating within aisles.


Pedestrian Detection Systems (Optional)

To minimise forklift and pedestrian contact with a workplace, the SEEN pedestrian detection system can be easily retrofitted to forklifts for instant protection. This cost-effective safety solution effectively warns both pedestrians and operators when in proximity and thereby reduces the risk of accidental collisions. Learn more about the SEEN presence detection system.

Servicing & Maintenance
Vehicle Control Module

The forklifts vehicle control module effectively manages operator and truck functions which allows easy troubleshooting and problem pin pointing.


Better Design Improvements

Several design improvements like direct mounted cooling fan, direct mounted hydraulic pump, under covered and increased service intervals for standard lower operational costs.


Hydrostatic Steering

Full hydrostatic steering provides exceptional control and manoeuvrability for the operator. This steering is achieved through hydraulic oil flow which minimises the amount of mechanical linkage and lubrication points. Thereby ensuring low maintenance and servicing while creating smooth effortless steering.


Easy Accessibility to Engine

No specialty tools are required to remove the floor plate and side covers. This provides quick access to the engine compartment and transmission for easy maintenance and servicing.



Non-boosted braking system reduces the number of brake components to service. This helps reduce maintenance costs while maintaining effective braking with low effort.


Prolonging Equipment Life

Advanced on-board diagnostic system allows critical forklift functions to be controlled and monitored. This allows the forklift to be operate at peak performance and reduces the risk of costly breakdowns.


Forklift attachments

There is just about any attachment available to suit a lifting application. Attachments like side shift and fork positioners can also be installed to improve operator workflow and performance. Let us help you choose an attachment to suit your lift application and requirements.


Diesel Forklift Models

Model Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Engine (kW)
DP15N 1500 500 30
DP18N 1500 500 30
DP20CN 1800 500 30
DP20N 1800 500 38.1
DP25N 2000 500 38.1
DP30N 2000 500 38.1
DP35N 2000 500 38.1

Product Videos

Cat IC Forklifts | 1.5 to 3.5 Tonne

SEEN Presence Detection System


Cat 1-3.5T Diesel Forklift Brochure

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