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Life Saving Rules

United have introduced the following 4 Life Saving Rules which aims to increase awareness of safety among our people, improve our safety culture and reduce the number of incidents and injuries. These rules exist to ensure our employees return safely to their families every day.

United safety

Fitness for Work

Fitness for Work

I will always present “Fit for Work” and not be under the influence of alcohol, illicit or prescription drugs that may affect my ability to work safely and not to be suffering the effect of fatigue. I will always notify my Supervisor before commencing work of any factors that may influence my “Fitness for Work” or ability to do my job safely.



I will only drive a vehicle when “Fit for Work”. I will not exceed the speed limits or use my mobile phone (unless hands free) and will always wear a seat belt. I will only operate vehicles I am authorised, competent and licensed to do so. I will always abide by the relevant traffic management plan when driving on work sites.

Mobile Equipment & Tooling

Mobile Plant & Tooling

I will never operate mobile plant or restricted tooling unless trained, competent and authorised to do so. When working with mobile plant and tooling I will always ensure that I protect myself and others from moving and rotating parts, stored energy and other hazards associated with the task.

Line of Fire logo

Line of fire

I will always position myself in a safe zone and never walk under a suspended load or knowingly work or position myself in the “line of fire”.