We’ve United Cat Lift Trucks in Australia

20 October 2016

Back in 2010 United became the Cat Lift Trucks distributor for Western Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Tasmania through the merger with Allforks Australia. Since that time United has worked on expanding the product offering, particularly in the Electric range, with the vision of also securing the rights for Australia. Hastings Deering have been the distributor for Caterpillar, including Cat Lift Trucks for many years, and have allowed us to be a reseller in Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The full range of new Cat forklifts available form United Australia-wide

We are now pleased to announce that we have finalised the purchase of the Cat Lift Trucks business from Hastings effective 30th September 2016. United are now the Cat Lift Truck distributor for Australia. United and Hastings will continue to work closely together going forward, with Hastings becoming a reseller to support their key customers, as well as a service agent for United in remote areas where they have a presence.


“Equipment purchaser and equipment hire customers, including existing Hasting customers, will also benefit substantially from the prompt, comprehensive and well established service, safety and training arrangements from United facilities across Australia. These services are keyed to enhancing cost-efficiency while extending safety and environmental benefits from advanced equipment that we are progressively introducing and expanding in the local market.” says Craig Coles, Cat Lift Truck Product Manager, United.


United has taken delivery of the Cat Lift Truck capital equipment and spare parts stock and over the next few weeks will transfer various rental agreements currently in place. In addition, Hastings have provided United with their forklift customers throughout Queensland and Northern Territory, which we are in the process of connecting with to offer our support and build ongoing relationships.

This should give a great boost in the development of our Queensland and Northern Territory branches, and will also make it a lot easier in tendering for National business. More importantly this goes a long way towards our vision of being a United, National, Innovative business Today & Everyday Delivering what we promise.