United’s Continues it’s Powerful Partnership with SCT Logistics

14 July 2015

Leading Australian interstate logistics company SCT Logistics is enhancing its focus on safe, fast and cost-efficient customer service through its new national alliance with United Forklift and Access Solutions.


SCT this year entered a long-term contract with United, extending over five years, that standardises its fleet of more than 130 CAT forklifts in a comprehensive package tailored to customer service, advanced reliability and elimination of downtime. The new agreement is customised particularly to the needs of SCT as an industry leader with extensive refrigerated transport, warehouse and distribution facilities, operating its own rail fleet with national rail and road transport networks extending from facilities in Brisbane, Sydney, Parkes, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

United Victorian State Manager, Brett Whelan, handing over Cat forklifts to SCT National Fleet Manager, Michael Sommers

United Victorian State Manager, Brett Whelan, handing over the new Cat forklifts to SCT National Fleet Manager, Michael Sommers.


SCT says its expanded partnership with United Forklift and Access Solutions is based on an enduring relationship extending over nearly 20 years. The alliance is built on shared values and focus, encompassing particularly safety, service and advanced high efficiency technology engineered to advance reliability and cost-efficiency while curtailing downtime.

“SCT selected United to provide the agreed package after a tight and demanding tender process, which reflected the fact that our core business is very unique with special requirements,” says SCT National Fleet Manager Mr Michael Sommers.

Because we are not just a road and warehouse company, but also a strongly rail-focussed organisation, we needed a company that could provide versatile and suitable specialised equipment when and where we need it to keep operations flowing smoothly throughout our extensive operations.

We were looking only for companies that could provide the standards of maintenance, service and product we needed, who were prepared and equipped to make the investment of time in us to ensure the relationship worked harmoniously and efficiently on an ongoing basis.

That’s what we found with United. When we were working with them, we were so well integrated as a partnership that I could go down the road and knock on the door and they responded immediately – they knew what we needed and they would go above and beyond to provide it.”

Cat forklifts ready to be delivered to SCT Logistics' Perth facility

Cat forklifts ready to be delivered to SCT Logistics


The technology offering from United was also important, including the latest CAT gas powered forklifts and specialised electric forklifts.

“Good equipment and backup is 100 per cent crucial to us – our operation is going 24/7, running rail services to Perth, rail services to Brisbane, Adelaide, Parkes, Sydney; it never stops and our equipment can’t stop either.

“Equipment also needs to be tailored to our specialised needs – forklifts, for example, need to meet the spec for weight distribution in rail. Forklift problems can bring things completely to a stop in an operation such as ours.

“We also wanted to minimise costs in our new partnership, particularly reducing maintenance and damage bills that occur when equipment is working in demanding environments. Our equipment is continually going in and out of containers, and operating in demanding warehouse and transport environments where avoidance of downtime and damage is crucial. If a machine is down, we need to get it up and serviceable right away.

“We had confidence in United because we have dealt with them for over 19 years in Perth and it has been a good experience.

“With the added bonus now of only having to deal with one supplier, SCT can enjoy the benefit of not having to deal with numerous different people in the supply of forklifts and MHE.”


United appointed a specialist person to deal with SCT’s needs on a day-to-day basis, whose job it was to keep the relationship close and responsive.

United backs up its service with comprehensive reporting that not only offers SCT a clear broad perspective of optimum maintenance and efficient use requirements, but which also help locate and solve issues at a local level.

“For example, we may find that a machine in a particular locality is suffering excessive tyre wear, or another one is leaving black marking all over concrete surfaces. With good reporting, we can correct those faults before they become a maintenance issue or an expense.

“United provided the package we needed, including service, backup, extra equipment if and when it is needed, as well as forklifts set up to our own specifications with high emphasis on safety, reliability, cost-efficiency”


The CAT forklift equipment provided to SCT has the world class safety and efficiency features SCT needs, including lower fuel consumption and higher staff safety and protection features.