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AlmaCrawler is the Italian manufacturer for the innovative and unique range of Athena bi-levelling scissor lifts. Located in Italy, AlmaCrawler has gained worldwide recognition by the sophisticated design and performance of the Athena. United is the exclusive national retailer of Athena bi-levelling scissor lifts throughout Australia.

Athena Product Range

The Athena has pushed the boundaries for access solutions by utilising one of many of the Athena’s key capabilities, the advanced bi-levelling technology. Conventional scissor lifts are typically limited to inclines of 2-4 degrees, the Athena on the other hand can easily handle rough terrain and operate on inclines up to 20 degrees. This means the scissor lift will automatically level on its two axes to allow operation on even the most challenging terrain and slopes.

Athena scissor lifts are designed to be used for a variety of tasks and industries. The product line up comprises several models ranging from 8 to 14 metres:

  • Athena 850 Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift
  • Athena 850 Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift – EVO
  • Athena 850 Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift – Bi-Energy
  • Athena 1090 Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift – EVO
  • Athena 1090 Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift – Bi-Energy
  • Athena 850 HE
  • Athena 1470 HE EVO

These machines are all offered in different variations including:

  • HE – Named due to its compact dimensions and reduced weight.
  • EVO – Includes a high-powered diesel engine and proactive and dynamic levelling.
  • Bi-Energy – Features a whisper-quiet engine which makes it possible to operate the machine indoors.

Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift Design Features

  • Operates on slopes up to 20 degrees

Athena - All Terrain Photo

  • The Bi-Levelling Functionality

Athena - Bi-Levelling Photo

  • Two Person Extended Basket

Athena - Extended Basket Photo

  • Use indoors or outdoors

Athena - Internal External Photo

  • Fit through Doorways

Athena - Doorway Photo

  • Dual powered operation

Athena - Dual Power

  • Light overall weight to tow or fit on a trailer

Athena - Towed Photo

Athena scissor lifts are ideal for a broad range of industries, including:

  • Building and Construction
  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Park and Tree Management
  • Council Operations
  • Industrial and Commercial Plant Access
  • Horticulture and Agriculture
Athena Bi-Levelling Scissor Lift Video: