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Walkie Stacker

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United A-Series Walkie Stackers NSP12ES







  • Power: Electric
  • Lift Capacity (kg): 1200
  • Lift Height (mm): 3600
  • Workplace: Both
  • purchase_options: New

The A-Series NSP12ES is one of the core functional electric walkie stacker models capable of accomplishing high load stacking operation up to a maximum height of 3.6 metres.

The NSP12ES model is a highly cost-efficient stacker that operates on low cost maintenance free batteries, has justified its niche positioning and can deliver the same quality lift without compromising on reliability.

  • Ergonomic handling
  • Compact chassis
  • Auto speed reduction
  • Fully adjustable straddle legs
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Equipment Features

Operator Comfort
Ergonomic Handling

Long tiller arm design helps facilitate a short turning radius and effectively reduces the human effort needed to manoeuvre the stacker easily.

Multifunctional Handle

Allows the operator to multitask the lifting/lowering of the mast while traveling.

Compact Chassis

The compact design provides a smaller turning circle for effective maneuvering in the tightest working areas.

Productivity & Performance
Built-in Charger

The walkie stacker is equipped with a standard 10 Amp built-in charger that facilitates convenient charging of batteries by simply plugging into any wall socket.

Standard Battery Discharge Indictor

Automatically limits truck performance if the battery level hits 20% or below.

Fully Adjustable Straddle Legs

The stackers straddle legs are fully adjustable to accommodate different sized pallets.

Safety Switch

Emergency stop button located on the cover automatically cuts power when pressed.

Auto Speed Reduction

Feature that automatically reduces the speed once the stacker exceeds the present lifting height.

Standard Pin Code Start

Exclusive pin pad to increase security and limit unauthorised use.

Lower Cost
Quality Protection

Full protection enclosures enhance the stackers resistance to elements, corrosion or damage to the internal electric components.

Servicing & Maintenance
Easy Serviceability

CURTIS operated system allows quick troubleshooting.

Easy Maintenance

The removable one-piece head cover allows for easy inspection and maintenance.

Top Loading Battery

Design allows the battery to be changed efficiently and provides easy access to the battery water refueling point.