Together we are United

6 August 2020

2020 has been a difficult and challenging year for everyone. We’ve all been affected in some way as families, communities, colleagues and businesses. We’ve all learnt to change and adapt to the way we work and do things. We’ve also learnt to appreciate the little things just a bit more. But more importantly through distancing, it’s made us appreciate the people in our lives.


As we continue to navigate these challenging times, it reminds us not to become too complacent. As some states move a few steps closer to the new normal, other states like Victoria face much more difficult circumstances.


United, as an essential services business, will continue to operate and trade in Victoria through these Stage 4 restrictions. While our Victorian branches will run at a reduced capacity, our wider team will still be working remotely. As many businesses face their greatest challenges, United will continue to offer ongoing support to both our customers and businesses through service, parts, rental and sales. Of course, we will continue to do this while adhering to new procedures and COVID Safe guidelines. All of which is necessary to protect our employees and our customers, as well as play our part to stop the spread. Please contact us on 131 607 should you have any requirements, concerns or wish to receive any updates.


Our thoughts go out to our friends, families, colleagues and customers throughout Australia, but especially right now in Victoria. Even though we may be separated by distance and invisible borders, Together we are United.