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Introducing the Bi-levelling Tracked Scissor Lift That Goes Anywhere

Take on the most difficult and challenging sites with the Athena Scissor Lift 
  • Suitable for most work sites– sand, mud, curbs and slopes up to 20 degrees.
  • Bi-levelling platform self-levels on uneven terrain for maximum safety.
  • Ideal for most applications with a 7.90m working height and 250kg lift capacity.
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Would an Athena be handy for your next project?

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Highly versatile on all terrains

The scissor lifts heavy-duty tracks provide excellent traction and stability on all terrains, while the bi-levelling platform allows it to operate and level on slopes up to 20 degrees. This gives the Athena scissor lift the unique ability to safely tackle the most challenging terrain including sand, mud, curbs, steep driveways, access ramps and much more.

Smart controls for optimal handling

The Athena’s well configured and easy to use controls give the operator full responsive control over all the scissor lifts primary functions and movements, including its unique bi-levelling features, speed settings, 220V engine starter and more. The control box can also be conveniently removed from the platform giving the operator control from the ground.

Transportation made easy

With its overall compact size, the Athena scissor lift can be transported by trailer and towed by a four-wheel drive or utility vehicle. This makes it very convenient for businesses needing a full-time scissor lift for regular projects or trade work, and helps eliminate transport costs.

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The World’s First Bi-levelling Tracked Scissor Lift

A scissor lift that makes access possible on the most difficult work sites.

Most standard rough terrain scissor lifts require stabilisers to level the platform on uneven terrain, and on some sites, they may not even be suitable to operate at all. In these situations, the only alternative to gain access would be expensive scaffolding or boom lifts.

This is where the Athena bi-levelling tracked scissor lift has the edge over standard scissor lifts. The bi-levelling tracks gives the Athena the unique ability to crawl and level on the most difficult terrain. This makes it ideal for sites with soft sand and difficult slopes, or workplaces with access ramps and curbs. It’s compact size also allows it to gain access in tight areas which can be impossible with other access equipment.


Athena is well suited for agricultural applications

Construction & Maintenance

The Athena scissor lift’s compact size and self-levelling platform makes it ideal on both construction sites and buildings where the ground is uneven and access is challenging.

  • Building & Construction
  • Signage & installations
  • Trade services
  • Facility maintenance

Athena scissor lift is ideal for construction sites

Agricultural & Landscaping Services

The Athena is the perfect scissor lift for outdoors on the most difficult terrain which makes them ideal for agricultural and landscaping applications.

  • Orchards
  • Vineyards
  • Council operations
  • Landscaping

More information on the Athena bi-levelling tracked scissor lift

Athena bi-levelling tracked scissor lift specifications.


2017 Safety Solution of the Year award winner.


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Our Happy Customers

Hi United thanks for the heads up on the Athena scissor lift. We thought it was going to be impossible installing some new signs at our last job. Access and installation was challenging with curbing around the building and the whole site was on a slope. The Athena climbed the curb with ease and the way it self-levels on slopes is definitely a standout feature. A hard job made a lot easier that’s for sure!

Steve - Franchisee

Hey gents the boys absolutely loved the Athena onsite. The ability for it to crawl around the uneven site and manoeuvre in tight positions, and then be able to level itself close to the precast panels was great. Previously we’d had to use a boom for similar jobs but the Athena now offers a better alternative especially when working around slabs

Tim Bown - Site Supervisor