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United T-Series Walkie Reach Stacker 1.5T



  • Robust scissor reach design
  • Auto speed reduction
  • Anti-roll back system
  • Maintenance-free AC motors


The T-Series walkie reach stacker is the all-rounder machine for any warehouse. The scissor reach arm makes it the effective solution to handle all types of stacking and loading of pallets up to 5.5 metres high, with a lift capacity of 1500kg.

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Built on an innovative AC drive motor, these stacker delivers strong power with a top travel speed of 6km/h, while ensuring excellent manoeuvrability and accurate control in the tightest work spaces.

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  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 4.30 m
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Both
Operator Comfort
Advanced Steering and Controls

Power steering enhances productivity while the integrated controls allow the operator to multi-task the lifting/lowering of the mast while traveling.

Optional Proportional Valve on Handle

Offers more precise control over lifting and lowering of forks.

Optional Platform

A foldable platform can reduce operator fatigue over long shifts by allowing the operator to move freely with the stacker.

Productivity & Performance
Robust Scissor Reach Design

Double reach stacking with cushioning to reduce shocks upon extending and retracting fork movements.

Battery Discharge Indictor

Displays useful info to the operator including operating hours, battery level and error codes.

Automatic Lift Lock

A function that ensures the mast maintains its original lift position even when there is a sudden disconnection of power supply.

Safe Hydraulic System

A safety design that prevents the mast from dropping abruptly due to a sudden loss of hydraulic pressure or leaks.

Auto Speed Reduction

Feature that automatically reduces the speed once the stacker exceeds the present lifting height.

Safety Switch

Emergency stop button located on the cover automatically cuts power when pressed.

Anti-Roll Back

System that keeps the stacker steady on ramps and prevents it from rolling backward.

Standard Pin Code Start

Exclusive pin pad to increase security and limit unauthorised use.

Lower Cost
Enhanced Heat Dissipating Design

Suited to long operation by protecting components from overheating.

Maintenance Free Motors

Robust and maintenance free AC traction motor allows for smooth travel transition from point to point.

Service & Maintenance
Top Load Battery Design

Allows the battery to be changed more efficiently and provides easy access to the battery refilling point.

Easy Maintenance

Quick access to internal key components for inspection, maintenance or replacement by loosening four securing bolts.


T-Series Walkie Reach Stacker

Model Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Lift Height (mm)
NSX15EA 1500 600 3000 – 5500


T-Series Walkie Reach Stacker Brochure

T-Series Walkie Reach Stacker Brochure