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Multi-Loader Tracked Carrier 2.5



  • Remote controlled tracked crawler
  • Maximum manoeuvrability and precision
  • Access narrow work areas
  • Environmentally friendly and silent


The Multi-Loader is a unique and innovative range of tracked carriers, capable of operating on all different types of terrain, ensuring the maximum manoeuvrability and precision even in the narrowest of spaces, with minimum ground pressure. Each model is available with full remote control which enhances their operability and their safety.

There are three models in the AlmaCrawler Multi-Loader range. The Multi-Loader 2.5 has a capacity of 2.5 tonnes and the largest model, the Multi-Loader 6.0 has a capacity of 6.0 tonnes. Both of these models feature AlmaCrawler’s unique bi-levelling technology. The third model, the recently released Multi-Loader 3.0FX, is a 3-tonne capacity loader which runs on a standard crawler track system.

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The Multi-Loader 2.5 has a weight capacity of 2.5 tonnes. Environmentally friendly and silent, this tracked carrier provides versatility for both internal and external environments. The Dynamic Levelling System of the Load-Deck is completely automatic, even on slopes and uneven surfaces.

The Multi-Loader can overcome both longitudinal slopes until it reaches 20° (40%) and lateral slopes until 14° (25%) at the same time, ensuring the absolute integrity and safety of the load being carried.

The innovative lead crystal battery power pack (48v-180Ah) provides 10 hours of working time in mixed cycle, taking advantage of a maximum movement speed of 2.2km/h. A high frequency battery charger directly installed inside the main chassis, allows the full charge of the Multi-Loader in only five hours, while an auxiliary mains electric pump 220V-2.2kW enables the possibility to use the carrier on mains power.

The Multi-Loader is ideal for many applications and industries, including landscaping, maintenance, arborists, vehicle recovery and construction.

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  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 0.74 m
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: New
  • Workplace: Both


Multi-Loader Tracked Carrier 2.5

  2.5 Plus 2.5 Performance
Max lift capacity 2500 kg 2500 kg
Max working height 0.74 m 0.74 m
Min width 1.46 m 1.46 m
Max width 1.64 m 1.64 m
Dynamic levelling Yes Yes
Battery autonomy 8 hours 10 hours
Powered (electric) 48 V – 3 kW 48 V – 3 kW
Battery pack AGM N*8 260 Ah 48 V Lead Crystal N*8 180 Ah 48 V
Battery charger N*1 20 Ah 48 V N*2 20 Ah 48 V
Recharging time 12 hours 5 hours
Console Wired Wireless
Undercarriage Bi-levelling Bi-levelling
Longitudinal levelling – front 20 ° 20 °
Longitudinal levelling – rear 15 ° 15 °
Lateral levelling + / – 14 ° + / – 14 °
Electric pump (option) No 220 V – 2 kW or 110V – 1.9 kW
Hydraulic commands Proportional Proportional
Direction-control system Yes Yes
Easy-drive system Yes Yes
Kit for high speed Max 2.20 km / h Max 2.20 km / h
Control of inclination Autom. Autom.
Gradeability 25 ° 25 °
Side slope 25 ° 25 °
Length 2.40 m 2.40 m
Total weight 1780 kg 1800 kg


Multi-Loader Tracked Carrier 2.5


Multi-Loader Tracked Carrier 2.5 Brochure

Multi-Loader Tracked Carrier 2.5 Brochure