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Konecranes Tyre Handler 8.5-16 Tonne



  • Lift, rotate and shift up to 16 tonne tyres.
  • Safe, precise, and reliable.
  • Customisable to suit mine-site specifications.
  • High levels of comfort for the operator.


Whether you are assisting maintenance crews on mine sites or stacking tyres in the yards, the Konecranes tyre handlers provide tyre handling solutions for mining, port, and intermodal applications.

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These purpose-built 16 to 32 tonne forklifts, with a tyre handling attachment, makes light work of lifting, rotating, and shifting up to 16 tonne tyres. The lift trucks include the Konecranes Optima cabin which delivers enhanced spaciousness and visibility for the operator. They are equipped with the latest technology to boost productivity, safety, and overall performance. This includes an interlock system which prevents movement and operation of the mast if the operator has not sat on the seat, applied the seatbelt, and closed the door.

Other features include a 7-inch touch screen which provides full monitoring of all the forklifts vital components and functions. The touch screen provides useful information to the operator like tyre pressure monitoring, as well as tipping angle warning messages to boost safety.

Safety on the lift truck has been further enhanced with customised optional features to suit mine site conditions. These optional features include fire and burst protection for hoses, electronic weight scales, auto engine shutdown, auto park brake function, central greasing, isolator switches and raised intakes. These customised features help boost safety and improve overall performance of the lift truck.

The Truconnect Premium Plus Fleet Management System is also an innovative feature available on the lift truck. It provides businesses with a dedicated fleet management solution to monitor the real time usage of the lift truck remotely.

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  • Power: Diesel
  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 4.51 m
Operator Comfort

The clever layout of the OPTIMA cabin offers both exceptional visibility and ergonomics. Through its large windows and spacious legroom, you can ensure high levels of comfort for the operator.

Productivity & Performance
Heavy Duty Design

The box-type chassis and the rugged tyre handling attachment are designed for precise and safe manoeuvring of up to 16 tonne tyres.


Flow Drive

Travel smoothly and quietly with the tyre handlers Flow Drive engine re-configuration and state of the art HVT technology.

Lower Cost
Low Emission Engine

The certified low emission engines deliver clean, efficient power to help reduce running costs.


Continuous Oil Cooling

Continuous oil cooling in the brakes provide full power in any situation. This effective cooling system ensure the brakes require less maintenance which further reduces costs.

Safety Alarm System

The Konecranes fire and suppression system provides the operator an effective safety barrier. The alarm will sound to warm the operator to vacate the reach stacker when a fire is detected.


Pedestrian Detection Systems

The Blaxtair pedestrian detection system acts as an effective traffic management solution which helps to minimise workplace incidents involving pedestrians and mobile equipment.


Camera Systems (Optional)

Improve overall visibility for the operator by positioning magnet-mounted cameras on the tyre handler. The operator can view multiple cameras from a colour display in the cabin.


Safety Lighting (Optional)

Improve pedestrian safety by using safety lights to create visual exclusion zones. Blue spot warning lights can also warn pedestrians when a forklift is approaching, this can be especially useful when manoeuvring around corners.

Servicing & Maintenance
Smart Load Sensing

Reduce wear on the engine, minimise fuel consumption and environmental impact with the smart load sensing hydraulics with variable piston pumps.

Real Time Performance

The Electronic Machine Control (EMC) is an intelligent system that provides the forklift operator real-time information on the trucks performance. The dashboard screen displays full truck monitoring of the engine, transmission, and hydraulics, which can help to plan maintenance and minimise downtime.

Fleet Maintenance

Gather real-time usage of the reach stacker when in operation. Track running times, motor starts and work cycles. Set up maintenance schedules, safety alerts, and much more.


Konecranes Tyre Handler 8.5-16 Tonne

Model Capacity (kg) Max Lift Height (mm) Wheelbase (mm)
SMV 16-1200C TYRE 8,500 3,395 3,650
SMV 25-1200C TYRE 10,500 3,560 3,900
SMV 32-1200C TYRE 16,000 4,510 2,500


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Konecranes Tyre Handler

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