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Konecranes Reach Stacker 3-6 High



  • Heavy-duty durability
  • Unrivalled power
  • Maximum comfort and user friendly ergonomics
  • Smart load sensing hydraulics


Konecranes reach stackers are high performance container handlers stacked with first-class features designed for maximum comfort and dependability. These tough, reliable, and user-friendly reach stackers can lift up to 46 tonnes, 6 containers high on the first row, and up to 45 tonnes, 3 rows deep. Thanks to its load-sensing hydraulic system with variable piston pumps, you will achieve optimum balance between engine power and hydraulic demand for any given lift.

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Boasting a 10.8 litre, 265 kW diesel engine, the power of the Konecranes reach stacker is unrivalled. Supported by Flow Drive and engine re-configuration, you can ensure low cabin noise and smooth transportation, and a reduction of 25% in fuel consumption and emissions, thus increasing overall productivity. Furthermore, the OPTIMA cabin has cabin heating, ventilation, air conditioning, compressor suspension in the operator’s seat and superior visibility.

Konecranes reach stackers are ideal for many industries including container ports and terminals, steel and aluminium, transport, shipping, and logistics.

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  • Power: Diesel
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Outside
Operator Comfort
Extensive Cabin

The OPTIMA cabin incorporates high levels of space, comfort and ergonomics which is why it’s considered one of the best cabins on the market. Boasting large window panels with no corner posts to restrict views, it delivers remarkable visibility to the operator.

Comfortable Space

The intelligently placed instrumentation display creates more space and comfort for the operator. Other operator driven cabin features include a powerful heating, ventilation and air conditioning system which creates optimal levels of comfort all year round.

Productivity & Performance
Heavy Duty Design

Konecranes box-type chassis is one of the strongest chassis on the market and is the foundation of Konecranes long-lasting high performance.

Flow Drive

Flow drive uses improved 2nd generation HVT technology to produce a quieter, smoother ride without comprising performance. All of which leads to more relaxed and productive operators.

Lower Cost
Powerful Fuel Efficient Engine

The reach stackers powerful engine provides extra high torque at low revs with reduced fuel consumption and low noise. The certified low emission engines are cleaner and help to reduce running costs.

Full Braking Power

Continuous oil cooling ensures full braking power in any situation and requires less maintenance, bringing down the overall costs.

Fire and Suppression System

An alarm is sounded to warn the operator to vacate the reach stacker if a fire is detected.

NearGuard Warning System

Konecranes award winning NearGuard safety system provides a safer work environment by warning operators ahead of time to imminent collisions. By utilising Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, collisions with obstacles and personnel are minimised by an audible alarm and dashboard display warning which advises proximity.

Servicing & Maintenance
Load Sensing Hydraulics

An optimum balance between the engine power and hydraulic demand is provided through a smart load sensing hydraulic system with variable piston pumps. This helps to reduce wear on the engine, gearbox and hydraulics, as well as minimise the amount of fuel consumption and environmental impact.

EMC Master

The Electronic Machine Control (EMC) is an intelligent system that provides the forklift operator real-time information on the trucks performance. The dashboard screen displays full truck monitoring of the engine, transmission and hydraulics, which can help to plan maintenance and minimise downtime.

Fleet Maintenance
Smart Connected

Truconnect® enables you to remotely monitor and track the real usage of your lift trucks including hours, fuel consumption, travelling distance and speed, safety alerts and much more. This is a great tool for scheduling forklift maintenance actions and consequently improving the fleet’s uptime. Learn more about the Truconnect fleet management solution.


Konecranes Container Handling Reach Stackers

Model Capacity (t) Max Container Height Wheelbase (mm)
SMV 2216 TC3 22-16-6 3 5500
SMV 2518 TC3 25-18-8 3 5500
SMV 4228 TC5 (TC6) 42-28-14 6 6400
SMV 4628 TC5 (TC6) 46-28-14 6 6400
SMV 4632 TC5 (TC6) 46-43-17 6 6400
SMV 4636 TC5 (TC6) 46-36-20 6 6400
SMV 4636 TCX5 (TCX6)* 46-38-25 6 6400
SMV 4638 TC5 (TC6) 46-38-20 6 6400
SMV 4638 TCX5 (TCX6)* 46-42-28 6 6400
SMV 4643 TC5 46-43-25 5 7250
SMV 4643 TCX5* 46-45-31 5 7250
SMV 4644 TC5 46-44-26 5 7500
SMV 4644 TCX5* 46-45-35 5 7500
SMV 4646 TC5 46-46-38 5 8000
SMV 4646 TCX5* 46-46-45 5 8000

*TCX models based on activated support jacks


Blaxtair Presence Detection System


Konecranes Container Handling Reach Stacker Brochure

Konecranes Container Handling Reach Stacker Brochure