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Konecranes Electric Forklift 10-18 Tonne



  • Powered by Lithium-ion
  • Quiet and Smooth Operation
  • Powerful Lifting Ability
  • Smart Connected Display



Combining the long-lasting, heavy-duty Konecranes Lift Truck you know, with the latest eco-efficient features. Available from 10 – 18 tonne, the E-VER series of forklifts provide exceptional levels of power and performance.

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The E-VER forklift achieves smooth acceleration and fast lifting speeds with a significant decrease in energy costs and environmental impact. Powered by a Lithium-ion battery, the E-VER reduces energy consumption by up to 70% using the 110 kW electric drive motor and an 80 kW motor for hydraulics and lifting. Additionally, the battery can be fully recharged in just 45 minutes using a charging station. Compared to a diesel forklift, the E-VER forklift is built on a sturdy frame with less mechanical components, resulting in smooth and quiet operation, increased uptime, and hassle-free maintenance.

Keep track of performance, autonomy, maintenance schedule and much more through the smart connected touchscreen display, to ensure you are getting the maximum efficiency and productivity from your forklift. Additionally, choose from a range of different attachments for specialised use or double the power with a second Lithium-ion battery for even longer operation times.

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  • Power: Electric
  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 3.00 m
Operator Comfort
Comfortable and Spacious Cabin

The cabin features a wide, unobstructed view of the work area and an ergonomic console with a clear, graphic screen display for unparalleled visibility and comfortable control of the forklift. Take a look at the 360-degree view in the OPTIMA cabin.


Easy to Use Controls

The controls and fingertip levers are positioned to the right of the operator for comfortable and convenient use.


Silent Operation

The E-VER electric forklift provides less noise and vibration when accelerating compared to standard diesel engines making them more enjoyable to operate.



Adjustable Steering Column

Easily adjust the height of the steering column to suit the needs of the operator to ensure correct posture is maintained.


Personalised Suspension Seating

Adjustable settings allow operators to adjust the weight, height, and lumbar support to suit their personal comfort settings.


Ergonomic Pedal Positioning

The pedal includes one standing accelerator pedal, two standing brake pedals and an electric declutch as standard.


Advanced Cabin System

The OPTIMA cabin includes a powerful heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC) for maximum comfort for the operator. This climate control is integrated and controlled within the touch display screen.

Productivity & Performance
Superior Driving

The forklifts 110kW motor provides fast and powerful acceleration with dynamic driving. This makes it highly manoeuvrable and enjoyable for the operator.


Eco Friendly

The fully electric drivetrain reduces energy consumption and ensures zero emissions



Smart Connected Display

View real time information about the forklifts most vital components and performance, all from a modern 7-inch touch screen display. This includes ECO-drive and fuel management, electronic overload and safety system, productivity counter management and much more.


E-ver chassis and battery compartment

Durable Chassis

The intelligent and durable Konecranes box-type chassis is a leading design offering one of the strongest chassis on the market. This provides higher lifting capacity without reductions at high lift heights.

Heavy Duty Masts

The wide, heavy duty mast is optimal for lifting and provides excellent visibility for the operator.

Specialised Attachments

A variety of attachments are available for specialised tasks. Quickly remove or install forks, coil rams and other attachments with the fork shaft system.

Watch the Fork System System in action.

Lower Cost
Lithium-Ion Battery

The forklifts Lithium-Ion battery provides high performance, zero emissions and minimal maintenance. The battery can also reduce costs by up to 23% compared to a diesel forklift. Furthermore, businesses can reduce downtime using a fast-charging station, which can deliver a full charge in approximately 45 minutes.

E-ver chassis and battery compartment
Battery Protection

The Lithium-ion battery packs are mounted within a protective frame and positioned in the centre of the chassis. This helps minimises the risk of physical impact and damage, which could lead to a short circuit or overheating.


Alarm System

To increase the safety of the operator and surrounding pedestrians, an effective fire alarm and suppression system is installed within the forklift.


Anti-slip Steps

Anti-slip steps make it safe to access the cabin in any weather conditions. Step light and handlebars can also be added to further increase the safety, especially when operating the forklift under low light conditions.


Camera Systems (Optional)

Increase overall visibility for the operator with wireless, magnetic-mounted cameras. Easily place the camera in the desired location and view the feed through a colour display within the cabin.


Safety Lighting (Optional)

Create exclusion zones for pedestrians with safety perimeter lights. Furthermore, blue spot warning lights can also warn pedestrians when the forklift is approaching, particularly when the forklift is manoeuvring around corners.


Pedestrian Detection Systems (Optional)

Automatically detect pedestrians in real time with intelligent 3D stereo cameras that can be retrofitted anywhere on the forklift.

Watch the Blaxtair video.

Servicing & Maintenance
Easy Maintenance

With fewer components and common electrical modules than a standard diesel forklift, the electric forklift offers easier maintenance.


Full Braking Power

Continuous oil cooling is provided to ensure full braking power in any situation. Less maintenance is required which further reduces costs.


Reduced Costs

To reduce lifetime running and maintenance costs, Konecranes have effectively extended the service interval on their forklifts including the engine by 500 hours, the gearbox by 1000 hours and the hydraulics by 4000 hours.

Fleet Maintenance

Remotely monitor and track real time usage on your forklift using Konecranes Truconnect. Track information such as fuel consumption, travelling distance, hours and speed, safety alerts and much more. Learn more about the Truconnect fleet management solution.


Konecranes E-VER Electric Forklifts – Features

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Konecranes E-VER Electric Forklifts Brochure