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Haulotte Vertical Mast Star 6 / 8S



  • Available in Star 6 and 8S models
  • State of the art safety features
  • Ergonomic control panel
  • Agile and compact


The Haulotte Star 6 and 8S Vertical Masts are sturdy, affordable and energy-efficient solutions for your access needs. Designed for indoor or outdoor use, the Star 6 and 8S delivers high productivity, optimal agility, guaranteed comfort and easy maintenance.

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These agile and compact vertical masts offer high manoeuvrability to give you easy access to hard-to-reach areas, as well as plenty of power so that you can work all day without downtime. The Haulotte Vertical Mast also has many safety features including an emergency stop, secure entryway, protective bars, stable extendable platform, and automatic protection against obstacles and potholes.

The vertical masts come with a durable control box, offering all the necessary functions through its ergonomic and functional control panel, including forward and reverse movement, speed selection (high/low), and battery level indicator.

The Star 6 model features a maximum lift height of 5.8 metres and a lift capacity of 250kg, suitable for two operators. While the Star 8S model offers a maximum lift height of 7.95 metres and a lift capacity of 200kg. Both models are compact and can fit through tight workspaces and standard doorways.

These small but mighty machines are perfect for repairs and installations, maintenance and industrial cleaning, outdoor maintenance and logistics and distribution.

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  • Lift Capacity (kg): 200 kg, 230 kg
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Both
Operator Comfort
Smooth Movements

Manoeuvring the Vertical Mast has been made easy with simple controls and smooth movements.

Ergonomic Control Panel

The functional control panel offers a joystick for intuitive and secure manoeuvrability.

Platform Extension

The extendable platform allows for a greater working and reach area of 40cm.

Productivity & Performance
Fast Speeds

The Star 6 and 8S can reach their maximum working height in just 14 seconds, and has a forward speed of 4.5 km/h.

Deep-cycle Batteries

Accomplish a day’s work without having to worry about recharging the battery.

Battery Indicator

A battery indicator is available on the control box for peace of mind when operating.

Automatic Protection

The emergency control button can be used to stop the lift instantly, even if it is moving.

Secure Access

The non-slip step allows for safe and quick access into the Vertical Mast.

Servicing & Maintenance
Minimal Maintenance

Thanks to the AC motors, maintenance operations are simpler and easier to carry out.

On-board Diagnostic Tool

Thanks to the Activ’screen, you will be able to view all crucial information of the vertical mast on an LCD display.

Easy Access to Components

There is a quick-open inspection hatch allowing easy access to the hydraulic block.


Haulotte Vertical Mast Star 6 / 8S

  Star 6 Star 8S
Working height 5.8 m 7.95 m
Platform height 3.8 m 5.95 m
Horizontal outreach 0.4m extension (option) 0.4m extension
Lift capacity – inside 230 kg (2 operators) 200kg (1 operator)
Lift capacity – outside 230kg (1 operator)
Length 1.4 m 1.4 m
Width 0.79 m 0.79 m
Height – stowed 1.75 m 1.98 m
Wheelbase 1.06 m 1.06 m
Ground clearance 6 cm 6 cm
Platform size 0.77 x 1.38 m 0.77 x 1.38 m
Platform size with extension (option) 0.77 x 1.30 + 0.4 m 0.77 x 1.78 m
Drive speed proportional 0.8 – 4.5 km/h 0.5 – 4.5 km/h
Turning radius – outside 1.7 m 1.7 m
Tilt alarm 1.5° / 3° 1.5° / 3°
Gradeability 25 % 25 %
Max driveable platf. height 3.80 m 5.95 m
Hydraulic system capacity 9 L
Tyres – non marking 318 x 108 318 x 108
Power source 12 V – 105 Ah (C5) 4 x 6 V – 180 Ah (C5)
Weight 835 kg 1150 kg


Haulotte Vertical Mast Star 6 / 8S


Haulotte Vertical Mast Star 6 / 8S Brochure

Haulotte Vertical Mast Star 6 / 8S Brochure