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Haulotte All Terrain Electric Scissor Lift HS15-18 E PRO



  • Full electric drive
  • High performance rough terrain capabilities
  • Smooth proportional movements
  • Silent and clean operation
  • 750kg platform capacity


The Haulotte HS15 E and HS18 E all-terrain electric scissor lift are part of Haulotte’s PULSEO generation of electric products. These new electric scissor lifts combine remarkable rough terrain performance with exceptional load capacities. This makes them perfect for even the most demanding construction projects.

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Thanks to their full electric design, the HS15-18 E scissor lifts offer silent operation and are environmentally friendly. These versatile elevated work platforms are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications. This includes low-emission zones, busy urban centres and on green building projects. Furthermore, no matter the constraints of the work site, operators do not have to worry about battery life. With two charging solutions available, operators can either connect the scissor lift to the main or use the range extender.

The HS15 E and HS18 E scissor lifts mechanical axle transmission and 4-wheel drive provide incredible power and exceptional rough terrain performance. They can climb slopes up to 45% and have a high ground clearance. This allows them to move over highly uneven terrain and adapt to any situation. On more uneven grounds, the outriggers will engage to correctly level the platform.

These all-terrain electric scissor lifts offer optimal performance for any work site. Equipped with broad work platforms, they include two extensions that offer a 7.40 metre reach. Proportional controls also allow operators to perform progressive manoeuvres without jolting for a safe work area approach.

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  • Lift Capacity (kg): 750 kg
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Both
Operator Comfort
Simple Control Box

The control box includes a comfortable steering joystick which ensures smooth movements and precise control. The uncluttered design also allows the operator to easily see important indicators related to the battery level, faults, overload, and tilt.


Well Designed Platform Extension

Operators can easily extend the platform thanks to a very robust and durable locking system. The platform design also helps reduce lateral and longitudinal swaying, which improves operator comfort while working at height.

Productivity & Performance
Excellent Rough Terrain Capabilities

The scissor lifts electrical design, combined with a mechanical axle transmission, produces powerful torque and all terrain performance. This performance is comparable to diesel scissor lifts.


Powerful Torque

The AC motors deliver unmatched efficiency and exceptional torque. This helps produce a market leading drive speed of 4.5 km/h. The scissor lift also produces a quick 3 second steering speed which further improves productivity.


Proportional Movements

Lifting and lowering movements are completely proportional which creates very precise and smooth operation. This improves operators on the job comfort and confidence.


Best Turning Circle

The Optimum 8 achieves one of the tightest turning circles on the market at 1.50 metres. This enables operators to easily manoeuvre around restrictive or tight environments including corridors, hallways and congested industrial areas.


Indoor and Outdoor Rated

The optimised weight and ground pressure allows the Optimum 8 to be used indoors on fragile floors, including shopping centres. The platform can also be used in wind speeds up to 45km/h while still maintaining its 230kg load capacity.

Pothole Protection

The automatic pothole protection system allows the scissor lift to travel over obstacles quite easily. This also means that it has no issues traveling up ramps during transport.


Intelligent Counterweight Design

Optimum 8 introduces the world’s first counterweight in the back of the chassis. This indestructible counterweight acts as a shock absorber that protect the scissor entrance from damage due to repeated knocks. This makes the scissor lift more robust. Furthermore, the anti-slip surface allows the operator to enter and exit the platform basket safely.


Easily Accessible Tie Down & Lift Points

The tie down points located on each corner make slinging and securing the scissor lift during transport safe. Furthermore, the forklift pockets built into the chassis allow for easy and safe transportation without the fear of tipping over.

Servicing & Maintenance
Parts Durability

A special anticorrosion treatment has been applied to the paint, axles, rings, screws and bolts, to increase part durability. Fewer hydraulic hoses in its design also helps reduce the risk of oil leaks.


Waterproof Connectors

The waterproof connectors help protect the electrical circuits from moisture and corrosion. This helps minimise breakdowns and allows the scissor lift to work outdoors.


Activ’Screen Diagnostic System

The embedded diagnostic system is very easy to use and provides operators with key information like alarms and maintenance alerts. This helps operators to quickly diagnose issues so they can keep working. Furthermore, the system also allows technicians to easily login and program and calibrate the machine without the use of tools.


Maintenance Free AC Motors

As there ae no carbon brushes to be replaced, the AC motors require no regular maintenance. This helps reduces both running and maintenance costs.


Easy Access to Components

The scissor lift allows for easy maintenance thanks to its two, easy to open swings out trays. One tray contains the batteries and the other for hydraulic and electrical systems.


Haulotte Electric All Terrain Scissor Lift HS15-18 E PRO

  HS15 E HS18 E
Working height 15 m 18 m
Platform height 13 m 16 m
Max. drive working height 15 m 13 m
Lift capacity 750 kg (4 persons) 750 kg (4 persons)
Lift capacity on the extension deck 225 kg 225 kg
Platform length – outside 3.93 m 3.93 m
Platform length – extended 4.9 m 4.9 m
XL platform length (option) 4.94 m 4.94 m
XL platform length – extended (option) 7.5 m 7.5 m
Length – extension 0.98 m 0.98 m
Length – extension XL (option) 1.28 m 1.28 m
Platform width – outside 1.89 m 1.89 m
Height – stowed 3.05 m 3.15 m
Guardrails lowered 2.25 m 2.36 m
Overall width 2.3 m 2.3 m
Length 4.4 m 4.4 m
Wheelbase 2.76 m 2.76 m
Ground clearance 30.7 cm 30.7 cm
Drive speed 5 km/h  5 km/h
Gradeability 45 % 40 %
Tilt (longitudinal / lateral) 5 ° / 3 ° 5 ° / 2 °
Turning radius – outside 6.75 m 6.75 m
Tyres 830 x 285 mm 830 x 285 mm
Batteries 8 x 6 V – 435 Ah (C20) 8 x 6 V – 435 Ah (C20)
Weight 7518 kg 8048 kg


Standard Features
4 wheel drive
Folding handrails
Mechanical axle with manual locking rear differential
Outriggers with centralised or individual controls
One platform extension
Two drop bar entries
Haulotte Activ’Energy Management: smart battery management system and manual centralised watering
AC motors
48 V battery pack
Haulotte Activ’Screen


Options & Accessories
Double swing gate entries
Standard platform with dual extensions (5.89 m)
XL platform with dual extensions (7.5 m)
Range Extender (5.5 kW – Stage 5)
Automatic battery water-filling system
Cold and arctic weather kits
Non marking tyres
Material handling rack
AC power to platform plug (110 / 230 V)
Scissors stack protection
Platform lighting
Work light
Telematics holder and predisposition
Telematics solutions


Haulotte Electric All Terrain Scissor Lift HS15-18 E PRO


Haulotte Electric All Terrain Scissor Lift HS15-18 E PRO Brochure

Haulotte Electric All Terrain Scissor Lift HS15-18 E PRO Brochure