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Cat Walkie Stacker 1.0 -1.6T



  • Precision drive control
  • Excellent traction
  • High strength mast
  • Closed chassis with waterproofing


Cat NSP10-16N3(I(R)(S) walkie stackers, or pedestrian stackers, are the perfect solution for short shuttle applications and stacking items up to 5.4 meters high. With state-of-the-art technology, these stacker trucks are reliable and efficient for any warehouse environment.

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Operators will enjoy the smooth and precise control, comfortable operating position provided by the latest tiller arm design, and excellent visibility through the mast. Fleet managers will also be pleased with the low operational costs and increased productivity thanks to their waterproof and dirt-resistant design, robust construction, and energy-saving programmable drive options.

Maintenance is made easy with easy access to all major truck components and a reduced number of components due to the integrated drive and lift system. Safety is also increased by the added stability from the height-adjustable castor wheel and the high-strength masts, on all but the NSP12N2C.

The NSP10N3 pedestrian stacker is a compact 1.0 tonne machine that can manoeuvre easily in tight warehouse spaces. The NSP12N3, NSP14N3, and NSP16N3 provide even more capabilities with 1.2, 1.4, and 1.6 tonne load capacities respectively. The NSP12/14/16N3R models feature a fold-down operator platform for added convenience during longer distances. Additionally, the NSP12/14/16N3I models offer increased ground clearance for ramp work with the option for initial lift. For those who want both a fold-down platform and increased ground clearance, the NSP12/14/16N3IR models are available. The NSP16N3S straddle model allows wider loads and bottom-boarded pallets to be handled with ease. Where operating loads over greater distances, the NSP16N3SR straddle model includes the fold-down operator platform for greater comfort.

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  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 3.30 m, 4.70 m, 5.40 m
  • Power: Electric
  • Workplace: Inside
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
Operator Comfort
Smooth Operation

The walkie stackers AC motor helps to produce very smooth and precise movements. This allows for easier driving and more efficient lifting.


Ergonomic Tiller Arm

The latest tiller arm design of the pedestrian stacker, with easy-to-use controls, offers a comfortable operating position.


Excellent Visibility

The pedestrian stacker's slim mast profiles and meticulous arrangement of hydraulic hoses result in exceptional forward visibility.

Productivity & Performance
Durable Construction

The pedestrian stacker's durable chassis construction and rigorously tested forks ensure exceptional robustness and dependability in the harshest environments.


Excellent Operational Capabilities

The pedestrian stacker's outstanding drive and traction capabilities are well-suited for demanding work over short to medium distances.


Programmable AC Controller

The advanced AC programmable controller allows the operator to choose between faster performance and smoother handling. By selecting the appropriate settings for the task, the operator can minimise energy consumption and increase the shift life.


Rounded Fork Tips

The smooth rounded fork tips allow for more accurate and effortless pallet entry. This effectively increases productivity and helps to minimise damage to both the pallet and its load.


Vertical Tiller Arm Operation

To maximise manoeuvrability in tight spaces, the pedestrian stacker can operate with its tiller arm in a vertical position while travelling in its ultra-low speed "tortoise" mode.

Extra stability

The height adjustable castor wheels combined with a durable mast helps to create more stability and reduce load movements.


Strong Mast

The walkie stackers high-strength mast helps to minimise load movement.


Quieter Operation

Noise levels are kept low thanks to the super quiet oil-filled transmission.


Safer Handling

The large lift and lower levers of the pedestrian stacker enable easy, one-handed control, even while wearing gloves.


Speed Regulated

The NSP12N2C model features speed-regulated

Servicing & Maintenance
Energy Efficiency

The latest AC technology on the walkie stacker helps to minimise energy consumption and maintenance costs.


Closed Compartment Design

The closed chassis and waterproof electronics of the pedestrian stacker provide resistance to moisture, dirt, and corrosion, resulting in increased uptime, reduced maintenance expenses, and extended truck lifespan.


Quick Access

Easy access to critical components provides for fast fault troubleshooting and easier maintenance for the operator.


Integrated Design

The integrated drive and lift system of the pedestrian stacker features fewer components compared to earlier models, thereby reducing the possibility of breakdowns.


Closed Compartment

The closed battery compartment with its durable steel cover protects the battery from accidental impacts. This effectively minimises battery damage and reduces costly replacement.


Battery Interchangeability The walkie stacker's standard battery size enables compatibility with batteries from other brands.


Cat Walkie Stacker 1.0-1.6T

Model Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Max Lift Height (mm)
NSP10N3 1,000 600 3300
NSP12N3 1,200 600 4700
NSP14N3 1,400 600 4700
NSP16N3 1,600 600 4700
NSP12N3I 1,200 600 4700
NSP14N3I 1,400 600 5400
NSP16N3I 1,600 600 5400
NSP10N3R 1,000 600 3300
NSP12N3R 1,200 600 4700
NSP14N3R 1,400 600 5400
NSP16N3R 1,600 600 5400
NSP12N3IR 1,200 600 4700
NSP14N3IR 1,400 600 5400
NSP16N3IR 1,600 600 5400
NSP16N3S 1,600 600 5400
NSP16N3SR 1,600 600 5400

R – Platform, I – Initial Lift, S – Straddle



Cat Walkie Stacker 1.0-1.6T

 Cat Walkie Stacker 1-1.6T Brochure