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Cat Second Level Order Picker 1.0T



  • Latest AC drive motor technology
  • 1.2 and 1.8m rising platforms available
  • Four performance driving modes
  • Automatic speed reduction


The Cat second level order picker, NOL10P, is the ideal choice for first and second level picking in the warehouse. The order pickers smart design and features are sure to improve efficiency and productivity in any picking operation. Offering the latest in AC motor technology the order picker delivers low energy consumption while providing greater torque and control.

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Businesses can choose a configuration and options that best suit their order picking application and needs. This includes two rising platform options available, which provides quick and easy picking up to 2.8 or 3.4 metres. The NOL10P second level order picker enhances operator comfort, control, and productivity through the latest user interface.  Ergonomic steering and controls offer precise operation while the spacious cabin and cushioned mats pride optimal comfort. A host of safety features have also been built in to keep the operator safe. This includes an automatic speed reduction function as well as a whole-floor presence detection sensor.

The Cat second level order picker’s provides easy service access and has low maintenance needs thanks to the AC drive motors. This helps maximise profitability, increase life and reduce the total cost of ownership.

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  • Lift Capacity (kg): 1000 kg
  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 1.04 m
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Both
Operator Comfort
Cabin Design

The cabins size and design provide optimal comfort to the operator. Operator controls are in easy reach and the back rest provides further support and comfort.


Low step height

The NOL10P order picker has one of the lowest step heights in the market with a height of 160mm. This can make a big difference to fatigue levels after a full shift of climbing on and off the picker.


Cushioned Floor

The cushioned and slip resistant mat further supports the operator and adds another layer of comfort.


Comfortable Controls

The controls on the NOL10P order picker offer outstanding comfort and control. The right-hand control provides easy grip and support for precision control while the left hand operates the Midi steering wheel.


Ample Storage

Operator can store equipment and stationery close to them in one of the inbuilt storage compartments.

Productivity & Performance
Energy Efficiency

The AC drive motor helps to deliver greater torque, efficiency and control while reducing energy consumption.


Choice of Platforms

The NOL10P is available with two rising platform sizes including a 1.2m and a 1.8m. This allows operators to reach items at a height of 2.8m to 3.4m high.


Four Performance Modes

There are four different performance modes available with settings to match the individual drivers, applications and preferences. ECO mode can significantly save on energy consumption yet only slows down operation slightly.


Battery Discharge Indicator

The Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI) keeps the operator up to date with the battery status. This allows operators to schedule recharging at times that will have the least disruption and downtime.



LiftComfort is a useful feature for raising the picking container to a convenient height for faster picking. This is a standard feature on the 1.8m platform and an option on the 1.2m platform.

Whole-floor Presence Detection

The whole floor presence sensor protects the operator by disabling truck movement if the operator is not standing on the mat. This effectively removes the standard “Deadman pedal” offering a clean and  obstacle-free floor design.


Automatic Speed Reduction

Effectively reduces the order pickers speed according to the steered wheel angle and platform height. This provides greater stability and safety when making turns and operating at high lifts.


PoweRamic Mast

The PoweRamic mast offers a clear and obstructed view which improves operation and safety.



The SecurGate side gate system helps to protect the operator by reducing falls from heights. Furthermore, when the gate is open above 1.2m a safety feature prevents movement of the order picker. The SecurGate is a standard feature on the 1.8m platform model and an optional feature on the 1.2m model.


PIN Code

The standard PIN code log in helps prevent the unauthorised use of the order picker. This help protect staff by  ensuring only trained operators use the machine.

Servicing & Maintenance
Durable Construction

A one-piece frame with welded steel construction and wide forks is trouble-free and provides maximum durability. This results in minimum wear that the extends life of the order picker and maximises uptime.


Quick Service Access

Easy and quick access to systems and main components for servicing helps to minimise downtime and costs.


Onboard Computer

An onboard ATC t4 computer provides the operator with important information about the order picker on the LCD display. Information includes service hours and battery status that can be used to ensure correct maintenance. This helps reduce associated costs and lowers the total cost of ownership.

Options Available
Overhead Guard

An overhead guard adds another layer of operator protection. Furthermore, attachments and accessories can be attached to the mast to suit a business’s needs or requirements.


12km/h Travel Speed

The travel speed can be increased from the standard 9km/hr to 12km/hr. This may suit warehouse operations that have longer travel distances.


Comfort Cushion

A foolable cushion is available on order pickers with the LiftComfort feature. It can be adjusted to a preferred position for either sitting or leaning during travel.


Cold Storage

The order picker can be modified to allow operation in cool rooms and freezers with temperatures as low as -35 degrees Celsius.


Gate Interlock

Prevents the SecurGate from being opened when the platform is at 1.2m in height or above.



Refer to Product Specifications brochure for full list of options available.


Cat Second Level Order Picker

Model Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Motor (kW)
NOL10P 1000 600 2.2


Cat Second Level Order Picker Brochure

Cat Second Level Order Picker Brochure