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Cat Medium to High Level Order Picker 1.0-1.2T



  • Powerful AC drive motor
  • Electronic steering
  • Excellent manoeuvrability
  • Good all-round visibility


The Cat medium and high-level order pickers optimise the benefits of high racking and narrow aisle warehouse configurations. The rugged and low maintenance design helps deliver strength, robustness and flexibility for maximum output and profitability.

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The medium to high level order picker range delivers the latest AC drive technology which combines excellent torque, efficiency and control. They also include the latest design and safety features that deliver operator comfort and safety while maximising productivity. From ergonomic and easy to use controls for precise operation, to different performance modes suited to the driver and application. Safety features like  the floor presence detection sensors, a SecurGate and automatic speed reduction help promote operator confidence.

The medium to high level range of order pickers are available in two specific models, NOM10P and NOH2PH. The medium level order picker, NOM10P, is a 24V model that offers efficient picking up to 9.85 metres and a 1.0 tonne capacity. The high-level order picker, NOH12PH, is a 48V model designed to tackle the heaviest and highest picking duties. The order picker allows picking up to 12.1 metres and has an unmatched 1.25 tonne capacity. Whichever model a business chooses, these orders pickers are sure to deliver more productivity and cost-efficiency on any operation.

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  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 8.25 m
  • Power: Electric
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Workplace: Both
Operator Comfort
Comfortable Cabin

The design and size of the cabin provides excellent space and comfort to the operator. The main controls are also in easy reach and a back support allows operators to rest against for more comfort.

Low step height

A low step height of 215mm combined with two convenient grab handles makes for easy entry and exit. Furthermore, it saves time and helps to reduce fatigue.

Cushioned Floor

The cushioned and slip resistant mat further supports the operator and adds another layer of comfort

Multiple Storage Compartments

These order pickers include multiple inbuilt storage compartments. Operators can store equipment and stationery which helps to reduce clutter and improves safety.

Productivity & Performance
Energy Efficiency

The latest AC drive motor technology helps to deliver maximum productivity and output. This includes improved torque, efficiency and smooth control while effectively reducing energy consumption.


High Lifting

The range offers high rack picking including 8.25m for the medium order picker which enables picking up to 9.85m. The high-level order picker offers a lift height of 10.5m allowing picking up to 12.m high.


Battery Discharge Indicator

The Battery Discharge Indicator (BDI) keeps the operator up to date with the battery status. This allows operators to schedule recharging at times that will have the least disruption and downtime.



LiftComfort is a useful feature for raising the picking container to a convenient height for faster picking. This is a standard feature on the 1.8m platform and an option on the 1.2m platform.


Choice of Performance Modes

There are four different performance modes available for operators to choose from. Each mode includes different settings to match to driver preferences and the application. ECO mode can help reduce energy consumption by 5-6% while only slowing down operation slightly.

Presence Detection Floor

The order picker includes a pressure sensor underneath the floor mat which detects the operator. This effectively removes the “Deadman pedal” leaving a clean and unobstructed floor. If the operator is not detected on the floor mat, the order pickers movement will be disabled.


Automatic Speed Reduction

When making curved turns and high lifts, the order picker effectively reduces the speed according to the steered wheel angle and platform height. This helps deliver greater truck stability and safety.


PoweRamic Mast

The PoweRamic mast with transparent panels offers a clear and obstructed view, which improves operation and safety.



The SecurGate side gate system helps to protect the operator by reducing falls from heights. Furthermore, when the gate is open above 1.2m a safety feature prevents movement of the order picker. The SecurGate is a standard feature on the 1.8m platform model and an optional feature on the 1.2m model.


Overhead Guard

The overhead guard helps protect the operator from falling objects. This guard can also be used to attached accessories like cameras, fans and safety blue spotlights.


PIN Code

The standard PIN code log in helps prevent the unauthorised use of the order picker. This help protect staff by  ensuring only trained operators use the machine.


Battery Rollers

Quick and safe battery changeover is possible thanks to the steel battery rollers.


Warning Lights

Each straddle leg includes a warning light on the inside of the front corner which enhances visibility.

Servicing & Maintenance
Rugged Design

A modular design provides maximum durability while extending life and simplifying the replacement of parts.


Quick Service Access

Easy and quick access to systems and main components for servicing helps to minimise downtime and costs.


LCD Display

The onboard ATC t4 computer provides the operator with important information like service hours and battery status. This ensures the correct service maintenance which can lower the total cost of ownership.

Options Available
Drive Controls

Operator controls can be relocated to the fork side.


Rail or Wire Guidance

Where rail guidance systems are employed, horizontal guide rollers can be installed on both sides of the order picker. For wire guidance systems, sensors can be installed  on each side of the truck.


Comfort Cushion

A foolable cushion is available on order pickers with the LiftComfort feature. It can be adjusted to a preferred position for either sitting or leaning during travel.


Cold Storage

The order picker can be modified to allow operation in cool rooms and freezers with temperatures as low as -35 degrees Celsius.


Gate Interlock

Prevents the SecurGate from being opened when the platform is at 1.2m in height or above.


Refer to Product Specifications brochure for full list of options available.


Cat Medium to High Level Order Picker

Model Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Battery (V)
NOM10P 1000 600 24
NOH12PH 1250 600 48


Cat Medium to High Level Order Picker Brochure

Cat Medium to High Level Order Picker Brochure