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Counterbalanced Forklifts

Cat LPG Forklift 4.0-5.5 Tonne



  • Clean, high torque LPG engine
  • Easy maintenance with inbuilt warning system
  • Excellent traction on sloping and wet surfaces
  • Presence Detection System for greater operator safety


The 4.0 to 5.5 tonne range of Cat LPG forklifts are designed to meet the demands of heavy lifting applications. These larger powered LPG models offer exceptional endurance and power. Equipped with a high torque TB45 LPG engine and standard catalytic converter, they deliver dependable performance, excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

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Also available in 4-5.5 tonne diesel models, the LPG models have the added benefit of working both indoors and outdoors thanks to their low emissions. This makes the forklift highly suitable for heavy duty lifting in industries like warehouses, manufacturing and logistics.

Cat GP40-GP55N forklifts deliver uncompromising quality and reliability. With four lift capacity models to choose from there’s an LPG model to suit any requirements. Furthermore, a compact 5 tonne model (C) is also available which offers a smaller turning circle for sites that require tighter manoeuvring. Overall with an extensive list of impressive standard features, these higher capacity LPG forklifts are built to boost performance and productivity. A host of added options are also available to suit businesses specific lifting applications and further increase safety.

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  • Power: LPG
  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 7.00 m
  • Workplace: Both
Operator Comfort
Comfortable Operator Cabin

A clean and unobstructed cabin design increases operator comfort so they can perform more efficiently. Ergonomically placed controls also reduce operator strain and fatigue providing even greater levels of comfort.


Full Suspension Seat

The forklift includes an adjustable full suspension contoured seat for maximum operator comfort. Operators can adjust the lumbar support for the lower back, the position and weight settings to suit their ideal seating position. The seat also includes a hip restraint, seat belt and seat switch which includes the Presence Detection System (PDS) safety feature.


Effortless Steering

The LPG forklift includes a three spoke steering wheel with a steering knob as standard. This knob allows the operator to manoeuvre the forklift very effectively with less effort.


Adjustable Steering Column

Operators can easily adjust the steering column to suit their comfortable driving position with 12 degrees of tilt available. The tilting is also spring assisted for easy control of the tilt angle.


Comfortable Pedal Layout

The automotive pedal layout ensures easy operation for any operator. The design, height and angle of the pedals have been also been designed to optimise operator comfort. A spacious floor area is also one of the largest for its size in the industry.


Electronic Parking Brake

An electronic parking brake switch allows the operator to effortlessly apply the brake compared to standard braking levers. Easily push the button down to apply and pull the button up to disengage the brake.


Low Noise and Vibration

A great coverage of insulation within the engine cover helps to reduce noise and soften vibration from the engine. Furthermore, noise and vibration absorbing mounts for the full-floating power train provide a much quieter and smoother ride for the operator.

Productivity & Performance
High Torque LPG Engine

The forklifts powerful 6-cylinder in-line TB45 engine is designed for high performance industrial applications. A modern multi-port fuel injection system and drive-by-wire throttle control provide engine power while reducing noise and fuel consumption.


Power Mode Selector

A power switch allows operators to quickly switch between a power driving mode or an Eco (Soft) mode. Selecting the Eco mode reduces power output but also effectively reduces emissions by up to 13%.


Smooth Two Speed Transmission

The Powershift transmission has two speeds forward and one speed reverse. Operators can use a dashboard button to easily switch between both driving modes. The first gear or turtle mode for slower driving and the second gear for higher speed driving. The transmission together with a full hydrostatic steering and braking system, allows for optimal manoeuvrability in the tightest of work areas.


Heavy Duty Masts

The forklifts toughened steel are extremely strong and resist twisting and bending. Narrow flanges and repositioned mast cylinder and chains also provide excellent visibility to the operator.

LCD Digital Display

The LCD display allows the operator to monitor the forklifts critical systems which increase safety and efficiency. This display also allows quick troubleshooting of issues which helps reduce maintenance costs and minimise downtime.

Overhead Guard

The overhead guard protects the operator and allows excellent forward and backward upward visibility. The overhead guard’s standard height of 2250mm also allows the forklift to access standard containers with a container mast.


Fork and Neutral Gear Lock

When the ignition is switched off, the forks are automatically locked in position to prevent accidents. Even if the lift lever is accidentally bumped or moved, the forks will remain in position. Furthermore, if the lift truck has been left in gear, a neutral safety lock will prevent the operator from starting the forklift.


Soft Landing

Forklifts equipped with two stage simplex masts include a unique feature which slows down the forks as they approach the ground. This helps protect goods from hard drops or shock causing damage. This also reduces wear and damage to the forks.


PDS+ Safety

The Presence Detection System Plus (PDS+) improves safety by automatically locking all forklift operations when an operator has left the seat. This feature complies with Australian Standards and helps eliminate accidents caused by unexpected movements whilst off the forklift.


Operator Access Code (PIN)

An operator access code is a standard feature available on the forklift. The forklift can be setup with a custom PIN code to control unauthorised use of the forklift which improves safety.


Backup Handle with Horn (Optional)

A optional handle with an integrated horn button is available on the back frame. This handle provides the operator with a firm grip whilst reversing and helps eliminate strain to the back. The horn also allows the operator to easily warn others which helps improve safety.

Service & Maintenance
Easy accessibility to engine

Access to the engine and important components is quick and easy with the forklifts rear hinged hood. The hood does not require specialty tools to open allowing for quick inspection thus improving uptime and lowering maintenance.


Air Intake System

The air intake with cyclonic air filter helps to minimise dirt and dust entering the fuel system and engine components. The position also shortens the intake duct and helps to extend the life of the filters which reduces maintenance costs.


Extended 500 Hour Service Intervals

Due to the durable engine and quality components, the service intervals have been increased from 200 to 500 hours. This efficiently drives down preventative maintenance time and costs over the life of the forklift.


LPG Forklift Models

Model Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Engine (kW)
GP40N 4000 500 72
GP45N 4500 500 72
GP50CN 5000 500 72
GP50N 5000 500 72
GP55N 5500 500 72

CN – refers to smaller turning circle model


SEEN Presence Detection System


Cat 4-5.5T LPG Forklift Brochure

Cat LPG Forklift 4-5.5T Brochure

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