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Counterbalanced Forklifts

Cat Diesel Forklift 7-10 Tonne



  • Powerful turbocharged engine
  • Smooth automatic transmission
  • Solid chassis that packs all the essentials
  • Presence Detection System for optimal safety


The 7 to 10 tonne range of Cat diesel forklifts are designed to deliver unrivalled power, reliability and efficiency. Equipped with an Isuzu 6BG1 turbo charged 6.5L diesel engine, it offers the most powerful engine in its class. Other standout features include superior lifting speeds, faster travel speeds, higher torque and all-round strong performance.

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The Cat DP70-100NH forklift is easy to operate thanks to simple, user-friendly controls and functions. The forklift is also packed with all the essentials to keep the operator safe and comfortable. This includes a comfortable seat with a spacious cabin and ergonomic controls. Safety is also boosted thanks to the travel hydraulic interlock and a double action parking brake.

This reliable all-terrain forklift is perfect for industrial and heavy-duty lifting applications, whether in gravel, dirt and other outdoor terrains. It is engineered to be extremely durable and efficient in most conditions. This makes it ideal in ports, freight, paper and pulp, lumber yards, hardwood and furniture production, stone, glass, metal, concrete and brick operations.

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  • Power: Diesel
  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 7.00 m
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
Operator Comfort
Comfortable Operator Cabin

The ergonomic cabin provides the operator with a clean and unobstructed work environment. With the clever placement of important controls, it effectively helps to reduce operator strain and fatigue, especially over long shift work.


Contoured Seat and Tilt-Steering

The forklift includes an adjustable full suspension contoured seat for maximum operator comfort. The seat includes adjustable lumbar support for the lower back and forward and backward adjustment to suit the operator’s seating comfort.


Glove Box on Dash

The versatile holder located on the right side of the dashboard is in easy reach for the operator. The operator can use the holder to easily store and retrieve pens, gloves or even beverages.


Automatic Shift Transmission

The fully automatic 2-speed transmission ensures smooth control and manoeuvrability. Operators can simply press the accelerator pedal to travel from a dead stop to top speed without the need for changing gears.



The analogue display provides the operator with critical information about the forklift. Information includes fuel level and water temperature gauges as well as warning and alert lamps.

Productivity & Performance
Powerful Diesel Engine

The DP70-100NH forklift is equipped with the most powerful engines in its class. A powerful, direct-injection 6.5L 6BG1 diesel engine provides maximum torque with an output of 82.4kW.


Wide View Mast

A durable and steady mast design allows the forklift to carry, lift and load at higher speeds, resulting in optimal productivity.


LED Lights

The standard front and rear LED lights offer greater energy savings and durability. They are also more resistant to damage caused by vibration.


Quiet & Smooth

Transmission Noise and vibrations are effectively reduced on these forklifts using helical gears and a floating power train in the transmission. This helps isolate the engine and transmission from the forklift frame and operator compartment.

Travel Hydraulic Interlock

A switch under the suspension seat can detect the presence of the operator. If the operator is not seated, the interlock will engage and prevent movement of the forklift and mast. This essential lock the hydraulic levers and sets the transmission to a neutral state.


Neutral Interlock

The engine will not start if the FNR lever has not been placed in the neutral position. This standard safety feature helps prevent unnecessary accidents.


Electronic Backup Alarm

A safety alarm sounds anytime the forklift is reversing to alert pedestrians and other operators nearby.


Double Action Parking Brake

The forklifts parking brake is equipped with a push button that must be pushed before the brake can be disengaged. This prevents accidental release of the parking brake when the operator enters and exits the forklift.


Cut Off Valve

If a hydraulic hose was to burst, the safety feature will provide a controlled decent rather than a sudden drop.

Service & Maintenance
Automatic Shift Transmission

The fully automatic 2-speed transmission ensures smooth control while reducing operational costs. The on/off inching system has improved functionality, resulting in reduced maintenance times.


Dust Indicator

This standard feature allows operators to determine when the air filter is choked and requires servicing or replacement.


Easy Accessibility to Engine

The forklift rear hinged door allows easy access to the engine without the need of any specialty tools, allowing for easy maintenance and servicing.


Prolonging Equipment Life

Advanced on-board diagnostic system allows critical forklift functions to be controlled and monitored. This allows the fork truck to be operating at peak performance.

Options Available
Wind Shield with Wiper

The wind shield helps to protect the operator from debris especially in windy conditions. Furthermore, the wiper also offers good visibility when operating in the rain.


Enclosed Cabin

A specially designed cabin for Cat forklifts can be included on your forklift which includes sliding windows, windscreen wipers and mechanical latches. These cabins offer low vibration and noise as well as great visibility to the operator.


Rear Mirrors

These rear mirrors allow the operator to check blind spots right behind and at the bottom of the counterweight.



The optional pre cleaner is effective in trapping larger particles of dust before it reaches the air filter. This helps to reduce the maintenance frequency of the air element and further reduces costs.



Model Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Engine (kW)
DP70NH 7000 600 82.4
DP80NH 8000 600 84.6
DP100NH 10000 600 84.6

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Cat Diesel Forklift 7-10T Brochure

Cat Diesel Forklift 7-10T Brochure