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Cat 4-Wheel Electric Forklift 1-3.5 Tonne



  • Smooth, stable and precise manoeuvrability
  • Pitching control
  • Automatic torque up
  • Advanced PDS safety system for enhanced safety


The next generation Cat EP-CB Series 4-wheel electric forklift is stylish and modern in design. These nimble electric forklifts combine comfort, safety and class leading performance, to deliver a truly smooth and enjoyable driving experience. Available from 1.0 to 3.5 tonne, this versatile forklift covers everything from light and medium warehouse duties to outdoor tasks in the rain, thanks to its IPX4 waterproofing.

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The EP-CB Series high output, maintenance-free AC motors achieve faster acceleration, superb control with powerful lifting ability. It also achieves some of the best lift capacities in its class. The forklift combines great energy efficiency and robust design. This includes an Eco driving mode which reduce energy consumption and extends the batteries runtime. Innovative regeneration technology redirects energy back to the battery making this a highly efficient forklift.

The Cat 4-wheel electric forklift includes a host of innovative features have also been included as standard to enhance productivity and safety. From boosting power when required through Auto Torque up, to the protection of loads over bumps through Pitching Control. A low centre of gravity enhances overall stability and provides a smooth driving experience for the operator. The ergonomic cabin with modern colour display and excellent overall visibility, further boost comfort for the operator.

The Cat 4-wheel electric forklift is ideal for many industries including cold storage, food and beverage, warehousing, distribution centres, retail and much more. Whatever the application, the energy-efficient EP-CB Series has been designed with productivity and safety in mind. With all the latest features you would expect in modern forklifts, to the brand new, productivity-boosting innovations that will speed up your workflow.

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  • Power: Electric
  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 7.00 m
Operator Comfort
Ergonomic Cabin

The electric forklift includes a clean and open workspace with a generous floor area and ergonomic control layout. This design enhances the operator’s mobility and comfort, thus increasing operator efficiency.


Full Suspension Seat

A contoured suspension seat allows operators to adjust the weight, position and lumbar support to suit their optimal driving position. The back cushion provides even greater bolster support for the operator. The seat also features a hip restraint, seat belt and seat switch , which is part of the overall safety system – Presence Detection System (PDS).


Effortless Steering

Full hydraulic steering with synchroniser keeps the forklift straight and enables fast, precise and safe manoeuvring. This creates effortless and smoother driving for the operator which improves overall workflow.


Colour Display with Customisable Settings

The large and well positioned colour LCD display provides all the vital information in one easy-to-read screen. Operators can easily navigate through the menu and customise settings to suit their own ability and preferred operating style.


Outstanding Visibility

The forklifts open cabin, clear view mast and overhead guard, provide excellent all-directional visibility. This makes lifting and driving stress-free for the operator.


Productivity & Performance
Efficient AC Motors

The high output AC motor delivers faster acceleration with great responsiveness and control. This provides powerful lifting ability which enhances overall productivity.


Auto Torque Up

This innovative forklift feature senses when additional power is needed such as when driving up slopes or carrying heavy loads. In these situations, the forklift automatically increases torque to maintain speed and performance.


Adjustable Power Settings

These EP-CB electric forklift offers superior performance and energy savings by allowing operators to choose the preferred power setting. Settings include the energy saving Eco driving mode which helps reduce energy consumption. This mode increases the forklifts operating hours by up to 11 and a half hours per charge cycle.

Advanced Energy Conservation and Regeneration

The forklifts AC system offers both vital energy conservation and regeneration by channelling power back into the battery when braking, plugging or decelerating.


Auto Power Off

After sitting in an idle state for 15 minutes, Auto Power Off automatically shuts down the forklift to conserve battery. This smart feature reducing unnecessary battery drainage and thereby maximises runtime.


Heavy Duty Masts

Quality constructed masts are designed for reliable and dependable performance. Narrow mast channels with well-placed hose and chain routings also provides excellent visibility for the operator. This improves productivity by allowing the operator to see the forks, load and surrounding area more easily.


IPX4 Waterproofing

With an IPX4 waterproofing rating, the Cat 4-wheel electric forklift can operate outdoors in the rain and can withstand splashing from any angle.


Dependable Forklift Brakes

The wet disc brake system on the electric forklift, which is both dust and water resistant, offers powerful and consistent braking for the operator in demanding situations.


Laser Pointer (Option)

An optional laser pointer can be attached to the carriage to improve operator efficiency. This laser allows operators to easily line up the forks when retrieving loads at higher stacking heights.

Smart Pitch Control

The standard Pitching Control system is another innovative feature that helps protect delicate or sensitive loads. When travelling over humps or uneven ground, the Pitch Control absorbs vibration and reduces mast shaking which protects the load. Operators can choose between four levels of adjustment to suit the site and application.


Easy Entry

A large hand grip and low profiles steps allow the operator to quickly and safely enter and exit the forklift.


Turning Speed Reduction

When making curved manoeuvres, Auto Speed Control or Curve Control, automatically reduces the forklifts speed to 5km/h. This enhances safety by allowing the operator to maintain control and helps protect the load.


Excellent Stability

A low centre of gravity thanks to a lower battery position increases stability during operation. This allows for smooth handling and increases operator confidence.

Rubber Floor Mat

The textured floor mat adds another layer of safety by effectively reducing the risk of operators slipping when entering and exiting the forklift. This is even more important when working outdoors.


Hydraulic Interlock

If an operator unbuckles the seatbelt or leaves the seat, the Travel hydraulic Interlock kicks in and restricts forklift operation. This promotes operator safety and eliminates complacency.


Parking Brake Warning

A parking brake warning on the dash display alerts the operator to put the brake into the correct position. If the operator leaves the seat and forgets to apply the brake, an alert will sound. Furthermore, when the forklift is travelling, an alert will sound if the brake has not been released.


Rear Horn

A rear hand grab with horn is conveniently positioned on the back overheard guard. This allows operators to easily alert pedestrians and other operators when driving in reverse.


Intelligent Load Indicator (Option)

The digital load indicator can be installed to measure load weight which is displayed on the dash screen. The load indicator also comes with a tare function and overload warning function.

Servicing & Maintenance
Intelligent Control System

The forklifts control system effectively manages the lift trucks functions and provides self-diagnosis when the ignition is switched on. This allows easy troubleshooting and problem pinpointing of vital components, such as the battery and motors, which can be easily accessed without specialty tools. This helps to reduce servicing and maintenance time.


Easy Accessibility

The battery hood can be easily lifted to gain quick access to the battery for inspection and watering. Floor panels can also be quickly removed without the need of any specialty tools to inspect the AC motor and components. This ensures quick and easy access for maintenance and servicing.


There is just about any attachment available to suit a lifting application. Attachments like side shift and fork positioners can also be installed to improve operator workflow and performance. Let us help you choose an attachment to suit your lift application and requirements.


CAT 1.0-3.5T 4-Wheel Electric Forklifts

Model Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Wheelbase
EP10CB 1,000 500 1410
EP15CB 1,500 500 1410
EP18CB 1,800 500 1410
EP20CB 2,000 500 1520
EP25CB 2,500 500 1520
EP20LCB 2,000 500 1680
EP25LCB 2,500 500 1680
EP30CB 3,000 500 1680
EP35CB 3,500 500 1680

LCB – Long wheelbase models.


Cat EP-CB Series Electric Forklifts


Cat 1.0-3.5T 4-Wheel Electric Forklift Brochure

Cat 1.3-2.0T 3-Wheel Electric Forklift Brochure

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