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Cat 3-Wheel Electric Forklift 1.3-2.0 Tonne



  • Clean, cool and quiet operation
  • Adjustable power settings
  • Excellent turning circle
  • Advanced energy conservation and regeneration


The Cat three-wheel electric forklift, EP-TCB, is designed to operate in a variety of demanding applications. Available from 1.3 to 2.0 tonne capacities, these nimble forklifts are ideal for warehousing, cold storage, general manufacturing and logistics.

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The EP-TCB three-wheel electric forklift utilises an advanced AC power control system with high capacity motors. This helps produce powerful acceleration and dependable performance, even up slopes. They also offer quiet, clean and cool operation making them very environmentally friendly especially for indoor operations. Furthermore, great all-round manoeuvrability and small turning circles makes them highly suitable for narrow warehouse aisles and congested workspaces. If space isn’t an issue or higher lift capacities are required, the four-wheel electric forklift could be another great alternative.

Cat three-wheel electric forklifts offer a host of standard features that deliver comfort, safety and all-round performance. From smart energy conservation and regenerative, to adjustable performance settings to suit the operator and application. Other features like pitching control helps protect sensitive loads while the mast and travel interlock system help to protect the operator. The intelligent control system also makes servicing easy and the maintenance-free AC motors help to reduce running costs.

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  • Power: Electric
  • Height (Lift / Working) (m): 7.00 m
Operator Comfort
Ergonomic Cabin

The ergonomic cabin design offers a clean dash with comfortable steering and lever positioning.  Operators can easily reach the dash buttons which improves comfort and helps to reduce operator fatigue.


Excellent Visibility

The uncluttered dash design as well as the clear view mast provides great operator visibility of the forks. This makes driving easier and stress-free for the operator.


Increased legroom

The spacious cabin offers plenty of leg room for the operator which can help reduce leg cramps when operating over extended periods.


Full Suspension Seat

The three-wheel electric forklift comes standard with Cat’s ergonomic full suspension vinyl seat. This provides optimal comfort and helps maintain driving posture over extended periods of operation.


Adjustable Steering Column

Operators can easily adjust the steering column to suit their ideal driving position by lifting the side lever. This helps improve body posture and improves overall comfort while driving.


Easy to Read Display

The vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) is perfectly positioned on the dash for easy access to important information about the forklift. This includes travel speed, battery status, current time and hours. Furthermore, the VFD display makes it easy to read this information even under direct sunlight or in bright conditions.


Dependable Forklift Brakes

The wet disc brake system, which is both dust and water resistant, offers powerful and consistent braking in demanding situations. Maintenance is also easy with only oil replacement required during routine service intervals.

Productivity & Performance
AC Power Control System

The intelligent and advanced AC power system delivers smooth and efficient power to both the traction and hydraulic systems. The electric forklifts high capacity motors also enable powerful acceleration especially up slopes and ramps.


Advanced Energy Conservation and Regeneration

The forklifts AC system also offers both vital energy conservation and regeneration. It works by channelling power back into the battery when braking, plugging or decelerating.


Precise Inching Control

The electric forklifts advanced electronics allows the operator to perform very precise inching and control. This improves overall workflow and performance which helps to increase operator productivity.


Load Indicator

The load indicator is a standard feature of the EP-TCB three-wheel electric forklift. The load indicator is displayed on the dash display screen which allows the operator to estimate the weight of the load. It also provides an overload warning alarm to alert the operator.


Smart Pitching Control

The pitching control system acts as a shock absorber for the load and forklift. It works by protecting reducing the amount of vibration and mast sway when the forklift travels over uneven surfaces or bumps.


Adjustable Power Settings

Operators can adjust the power settings to suit their experience and operating conditions. They can freely choose between eight driving modes, from 2km/h to 12 km/h, as well as acceleration modes. This includes the energy saving Economy setting, normal travel setting, up to the high performing Power setting.


Automatic Power Off

After 15 minutes in a standby mode the forklift will automatically shut down to conserve battery power and unnecessary drainage.

IPX4 Waterproof Rating

The IXP4 waterproofing allows the forklift to be safely operated outdoors even in the rain. Operators can also hose down the forklift if minor cleaning is required.


Easy Access

The large integrated step and large handgrips ensures stepping in and out both safe and easy.


Rubber Flooring

Textured floor mats also help to prevent slipping when stepping on and off the forklift. This safety feature is also useful when working in wet conditions.


Mast and Travel Interlock

The advanced mast and travel interlock system helps to protect the operator if they leave the seat. It works by disengaging the drive and mast functions when the operator’s presence is not detected on the seat.


Neutral Safety System

This helps prevent accidental movement of the forklift when the switch is turned on. If the gears are not in a neutral position the mast and travel interlock will be engaged.


Rear Horn

The rear hand grab allows operators to comfortably position their hand when driving in reverse. An integrates horn button also allows operators to easily alert pedestrians and other operators when approaching.

Servicing & Maintenance
 Intelligent Control System

The forklifts control system effectively manages the truck functions and provides self-diagnosis when the ignition is switched on. This allows for easy troubleshooting and problem pinpointing of vital components such as the battery and motors. Furthermore, quick identification and location means these components can be easily accessed with simple tools. This helps to effectively reduce servicing and maintenance time.


Excellent Waterproofing

With an excellent IPX4 waterproofing rating, the Cat three-wheel electric forklifts can operate outside in the rain. Additionally, the special waterproofing means the forklift can withstand splashing from any angle, including underneath.


Easy Accessibility to Engine

The forklift rear hinged door allows easy access to the engine without the need of any specialty tools, allowing for easy maintenance and servicing.

Options Available
Laser Pointer

An optional laser pointer can be attached to the carriage to improve operator efficiency. This laser allows operators to easily line up the forks when retrieving loads at higher stacking heights.

Side Loading Battery

A slide in / slide out battery tray can help facilitate easier battery changes. As changing batteries can be time consuming, this option can help save time and increase productivity.

Blue Safety Light

A blue safety light can be installed at both the front and rear of the forklift to increase safety in the workplace. The blue light effectively warns other pedestrians and operators of a forklift’s presence, particularly around blind spots and aisles.

Pedestrian Detection System

To minimise forklift and pedestrian contact with a workplace, the SEEN pedestrian detection system can be easily retrofitted to forklifts for instant protection. This cost-effective safety solution effectively warns both pedestrians and operators when in proximity and thereby reduces the risk of accidental collisions. Learn more about the SEEN presence detection system.


CAT 1.3-2.0T 3-Wheel Electric Forklifts

Model Capacity (kg) Load Centre (mm) Wheelbase
EP13TCB 1,300 500 1220
EP15TCB 1,500 500 1320
EP16TCB 1,600 500 1415
EP18TCB 1,800 500 1415
EP20TCB 2,000 500 1415
EP16TBCB 1,600 500 1525
EP18TBCB 1,800 500 1525
EP20TBCB 2,000 500 1525

TBCB – Long wheelbase models.


SEEN Presence Detection System


Cat 1.3-2.0T 3-Wheel Electric Forklift Brochure

Cat LPG Forklift 4-5.5T Brochure

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