NT Forklift Championships

13 June 2022

On Saturday 11th June 2022, United partnered with Hot100FM to host the Northern Territory’s first ever Forklift Championships to determine who was the NT’s best forklift operator, with the winner awarded $1,000 cash in hand and a $1,000 tool kit.

Twenty-eight operators faced off one by one by completing a specially designed course. This grueling course was created to test the skills and wits of the Territory’s most experienced forklift operators. The goal was to complete 5 specific challenges in the quickest time possible, where bonus time was awarded for successfully completing challenges, and penalty time incurred for infractions like collisions.

The five main challenges included Ball on a Cone, Standing Tyre, Saving Water, Precision Stacking, and Forklift Bowling…. yes, you read correctly, bowling with a forklift! Each of these challenges required precision, skill and sheer determination under pressure to get the job done, with many falling short.

Congratulations to Damian Sandilands from InfraBuild, who finished with the fastest time of 4.16 minutes. Damian showcased his competence and skills by zipping through the course and completing most challenges with the best time, thereby taking out the top prize and the title of NT’s Best Forklift Operator.

Watch the highlights of the day: