United Electric Forklift Range Now Available

10 September 2018

United brings together their first branded electric forklift range of pallet trucks and walkie stackers to the Australian market. This new range of electric lift trucks provides more affordable options to businesses based on their specific lifting needs and usage. These products are available in three distinct series including C-Series pallet trucks, A-Series walkie stackers and T-Series walkie reach stackers. Highly suitable for the most demanding Australian workplaces, each electric forklift serves its own useful purpose. The lower purchase cost also adds financial benefits to businesses without sacrificing on quality and reliability. In fact, their globally proven designs deliver reliable performance and precision operation with maximum uptime in industries such logistics, warehousing, manufacturing and retail environments.

New United range of electric forklifts now available

C-Series Pallet Trucks

C-Series pallet trucks bring together an extensive range of various lift capacity models ranging from 1200kg to 2500kg. From the lightweight NPP12E, ideal for lighter duty lifting, right up to the NPP25EA which suits heavy duty lifting and increased workloads. All these models provide ergonomic characteristics that add comfort for the operator. The smart design also ensures easy maintenance and minimal running costs.

The NPP12E pallet truck is perfect for use in retail environments through its compact size. Like a typical manual hand pallet jack with its small dimensions , it has a small size with the added benefit of being a powered pallet truck, which means no more manual pushing or pulling. This pallet truck also utilises a higher density lithium ion battery for longer usage life cycles compared to acid-batteries. Simply pull out, plug another battery pack in, and you are ready to start working again.

NPP12E pallet truck

The NPP15E pallet truck also includes innovations that were recognised in the international product Red Dot Design Award. The Red Dot Award is the prestigious distinction for high design quality. The international jury awards this coveted quality seal exclusively to products that stand out from comparable entries due to their good design or innovative character.

A-Series Walkie Stackers

A-Series walkie stackers are highly suited for both light and heavy use lifting and stacking. Quality built and smartly designed, the compact chassis delivers a tight turning circle with dynamic handling and excellent travel speeds. With the operator in mind, they also include a range of ergonomic features which provide enhanced levels of comfort and safety to meet the demands of any busy warehouse.

These walkie stackers are available in various capacity straddle leg models from 1200kg to 1800kg. Some models also include fully adjustable straddle legs to cater for various sized pallets and warehouse racking. Regardless of the lifting demand, all A-Series models deliver low consumption and high reliability through both DC and AC drive motors. The NSP12EAS and NSP18EAS walkie stacker models provide robust and maintenance free AC traction motors. This allows for smoother traveling from point to point and helps boost productivity and efficiency.

T-Series Walkie Reach Stackers

T-Series walkie reach stackers are the all-rounder lift truck for any warehouse. Just like the A-Series, they include the same design and benefits that improves efficiency and productivity in any warehouse. Where they differ is through the inclusion of the specialised reach arm attachment. The reach arm makes it the effective solution to handle all types of stacking, loading and unloading of pallets, especially off trucks and utes, much easier.

The walkie reach stacker is built on an innovative AC system that delivers strong power, accurate control and excellent performance. Maintenance free AC motors ensure minimal maintenance and lower running costs. Assorted options are also available to increase performance and productivity. This includes a platform to minimise the amount of walking during long shift work or when shuttling goods over long distances. The optional proportional valve on the steering handle also offers the operator more precise control when reaching, lifting and lowering of the forks.

T-Series walkie reach stackers

Electric Forklift Design Features

All three electric forklift series include distinctive features as standard which provide greater value to businesses. These features help to improve productivity, safety, maintenance and security.

Multi-functional Handle

Ergonomic handle

The comfortable handle on a long tiller arm, which varies from model to model, provides effortless steering for the operator. The main controls are easily accessible which allows the operator to multitask the lifting and lowering of the forks. The smart drive switch also provides easy forward and reverse acceleration with the simple push of the thumb.

Pin Code Start

Pin pad start

All lift trucks, except the NPP12E pallet truck and walkie reach stacker models, include a pin code panel as standard. This allows businesses to control the unauthorised use of the equipment. The operator must firstly enter the security pin when starting the lift truck to use the equipment. This boosts security and increases safety by preventing staff, who have not undergone forklift training, from using the equipment.

Intuitive Display

Intuitive controls

The smart display provides valuable information to the operator during a shift. This includes hours, battery level as well as error codes for quick fault diagnosis.

Greater Safety

safety button

A safety button located on the top of each lift truck provides extra safety for the operator. With the push of the button, the power of the pallet truck or walkie stacker can be immediately disabled. The addition of a belly button on the handle further increases safety by preventing the operator from accidentally getting pressed between an object and the lift truck.

Easy Maintenance

Removeable covers provide easy maintenance

Easily removable covers on all lift trucks allow technicians to quickly access the battery and all major components. This allows inspection, replacement or maintenance tasks to be completed quickly.


This full range of walkie stacker and pallet truck products will provide customers with a greater choice of equipment to lift, shift and stack pallets. Whether in the warehouse or retail floor, we expect this new range to be a welcome addition for both existing and prospective customers alike.


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For more information please contact your local United branch on 131 607 or by email.