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All-Terrain Forklift

Manitou All-Terrain Forklift M-X30







  • Lift Capacity (kg): 3000
  • Lift Height (mm): 6000
  • Power: Diesel
  • purchase_options: Hire, New

The Manitou M-X30 all-terrain forklift is known for its durability and performance. Equipped with a powerful 4 cylinder Perkins diesel engine they are both manoeuvrable and easy to handle. Additionally the 4-wheel drive and large tyres provide exceptional traction, with a generous ground clearance combining to deliver an exceptional all terrain driving experience. There heavy duty and wide frame provides exceptional stability which makes lifting up to 3 tonnes on soft or difficult terrain easy work. The Manitou all-terrain forklift is the ideal lifting solution for construction, agricultural, nurseries, mining, oil and gas and many other industries.

  • Powerful diesel engine
  • Ergonomic cabin
  • Vert tight turning circle
  • 40cm ground clearance
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Equipment Features

Operator Comfort
Spacious Cabin
The cabin design offers outstanding space with panoramic windows providing exceptional 360 degree visibility for the operator. Furthermore an adjustable suspension seat and suspended cabin help to reduce vibrations creating optimal levels of comfort for the operator.
Ergonomic Controls
The positioning of the steering wheel, controls and vital levers are naturally located within easy reach of the operator creating quick and intuitive use. This maximises comfort whilst minimising strain to the operator when working over prolonged periods of time.
Productivity & Performance
Powerful Engine
The 4 cylinder 4.4 litre Perkins diesel engine provides maximum levels of performance by generating 95 horse power with high torque to tackle your toughest all-terrain lifting job.
Excellent All-Terrain Capability
The large diameter front wheels provide good load distribution on both its axles with a central differential locking system. The rear axle can also move through a wide angle giving the Manitou forklift an exceptional all terrain capability.
Lower Cost
Flexible Transmission
The torque converter transmission with 4 speed gearbox provides the operator the option to choose between speed and torque to suit the job. When operating on smooth surfaces the operator can choose between speed and whilst on steeper gradients the operator may choose additional torque. This transmission option helps to reduce fuel consumption by only utilising power when needed.
Shock Absorber
The special shock absorber technology utilised on the forklift helps to stabilise the load no matter what surfaces you are operating on. This shock absorber is standard on all Manitou forklifts and effectively minimises any costly damage to loads.
Reclining Mast
The Manitou forklifts mast can recline up to 15 degrees. This reclining action provides greater safety by securing the load more efficiently when working on all terrain surfaces.
Optimal Stability
The wide width helps to provide greater stability and safety for the forklift especially with lateral loading. Depending on the mast attachment and load weight, this high stability can allow the forklift to lift up to 6 metres.
Servicing & Maintenance
Easy Engine Accessibility
The engine can be accessed quite easily by fully opening the bonnet which doesn’t require any specialty tooling. This provides quick access to the engine, gauges, filters and other important components which effectively reduces maintenance time.
Tough Frame
The single monobloc frame provides extra strength to the forklift. This design is fully resistant to torsional stress especially when working on rough terrain. This effectively provides long equipment life and reduces the time and money spent on maintenance and repair costs.