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Full Container Reach Stackers

Konecranes Reach Stackers SMV 4531 TC5







  • Workplace: Outside
  • purchase_options: Hire, New
  • Power: Diesel
  • Lift Capacity (kg): 45000
  • Max Container Height: 5

Konecranes SMV 4531 TC5 reach stacker offers a powerful engine, strong frame and mast coupled with load sensing hydraulics. This provides the ability to lift up to 45 tonnes, 5 containers high on the first row, and up to 16 tonnes, 3 rows deep. These reach stackers have one of the best cabins in the market in regards to space and visibility, and contain smart innovative features which increase productivity and safety whilst driving down running costs. Konecranes reach stackers are ideal for many industries including container ports and terminals, steel and aluminium, transport, shipping and logistics.

  • High lifting capacity
  • Powerful diesel engine
  • Smart load sensing hydraulics
  • Durable lifting spreaders
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Equipment Features

Operator Comfort

Konecranes Optima cabin

Optima Cabin

The “Optima” cabin provides the highest levels comfort and ergonomics to the operator. With large window panels offering unrestricted views, it delivers remarkable visibility. The well placed instrumentation display and 7” touch screen display creates further space and ergonomics, whilst the powerful Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system creates optimal levels of comfort throughout the year. It’s no wonder it’s considered one of the best cabins on the market.

Experience the 360˚ view of the cabin.

Productivity & Performance

Durable Chassis

The box-type chassis incorporated in all Konecranes lift trucks is the foundation of their long lasting high performance. This strong durable frame strengthens the lift mast and tilt cylinder and increases stability. The result is higher lifting capacity even a high lift heights.

Reliable Lifting and Stability

The wide drive axle and long wheelbase effectively increases the stability of the reach stacker. The result is more productive and safer lifting of heavy loads.

Lower Cost

Low Emission Engines

Konecranes certified low emission engines provide extra high torque at low revs and effectively reduce fuel consumption and noise. These cleaner engines are environmentally friendly at help to reduce running costs.

Oil Cooling Brakes

The continuous oil cooling system in the brakes provide full braking power for the operator in any situation. This system effectively reduces the amount of maintenance required which reduces the costs compared to standard brakes.


Blaxtair Presense Detection system

Blaxtair Presence Detection System

Blaxtair Presence Detection System is an innovative safety solution designed to protect pedestrians in the workplace. The system acts as an effective traffic management solution which helps to minimise workplace incidents involving pedestrians and mobile equipment, like forklifts. Blaxtair utilises an intelligent 3D stereo camera with artificial intelligence, that can detect multiple pedestrians from the surroundings in real time and effectively warns the operator. When retrofitted to existing forklifts, Blaxtair can immediately improve safety in any workplace.

Watch the Blaxtair video.

Fire Alarm and Suppression System

The fire and suppression system creates an effective safety barrier for the operator. The system works by either automatically discharging through sensors in the engine compartment or manually by the operator both inside and outside the truck. In all cases a fire alarm is sounded to warn the operator and others.


Servicing & Maintenance

Load Sensing Hydraulic System

The reach trucks load sensing hydraulics with variable pistons pumps provides a perfect balance of engine power and hydraulic demand. This smart system effectively reduces wear on the engine, gearbox and hydraulics, and minimises fuel consumption and environmental impact.


Konecranes Electronic Master Control (EMC) system

Intelligent Monitoring System

An easy to operate 7” touch screen in the cabin displays Konecranes Electronic Master Control (EMC) system. This system provides full monitoring of all the reach trucks vital components including engine, transmission and hydraulics status.

Fleet Management

Konecranes Truconnect fleet managment

Konecranes Truconnect® fleet management system enables managers to remotely monitor and track the real usage of fleets lift trucks including hours, fuel consumption, travelling distance and speed, safety alerts and much more. This intelligent system helps to make informed decisions regarding maintenance scheduling actions and consequently helps to improve the fleet’s uptime.

Watch the TRUCONNECT video.