Introducing The World’s Most Versatile and Productive Scissor Lift – The Athena

1 December 2016

Athena scissor lift levelling on uneven slab
In an effort to further diversify our product line and stay true to our vision about being an innovative company, United is excited to announce that we have now become the exclusive retail distributor for the Athena scissor lift in Australia. The Athena bi-levelling tracked scissor lift is the only one of its kind in the world. The scissor lifts outstanding design and performance has already won both the Best New Product at the 2016 International Award for Powered Access (IAPA) and the Australian New Product of the Year awards (HRIA) for 2016.

This exciting and unique product is a real game changer, and has already been praised from customers. What differentiates the Athena scissor is its sophisticated and quality constructed bi-levelling technology. Unlike conventional slab scissor lifts on the market that can only negotiate a small incline and require a levelled surface to raise the platform, the Athena can easily traverse rough terrain and operate on inclines up to 20°. What this means is the machine can cleverly and automatically level itself on two axes to allow operation on most work sites, where until now would require a boom lift or scaffolding.

The Athena provides a working height of 8 metres with a load capacity of 250kg and can easily accommodate two operators. Being dual powered with a diesel engine and 240V power supply, the Athena is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use and is ideal for tradespeople, facilities management, building and construction, council operations, landscapers, vineyards, agriculture and much more.

The Athena scissor lift is now available for purchase and hire from United.

Watch our new Athena scissor lift video.