Anti-crush bar for boom lifts boosts safety

12 March 2016

ACTIV’Shield© Entrapment Prevention System is a new anti-crush bar safety feature installed on all new Haulotte boom lifts. The safety system safely warns the operator and stops the boom lift to avoid potential entrapment or crushing situations.

ACTIV’Shield© anti-crush bar is available on all new Haulotte articulating and telescopic boom lifts. A retrofit kit is also available that can be fitted to older Haulotte boom lifts from 2008 onwards. Typically any boom lift involved in installation, inspection and maintenance tasks as well as general access to elevated areas and machinery, should have an anti-crush bar fitted..

Haulotte Activ'Shield entrapment prevention system

Activ’Shield Anti-crush Bar Features

The Activ’Shield safety system works through a few key features.

Activ’Shield Bar©

The ACTIV’Shield Bar is located directly in front of the operator. This bar automatically stops the boom lift when leaned on by the operator and activates an alarm.

Safety Gap™

The Safety Gap is the space created between an object and the boom lift. This gap provides operators with enough space to safely place themselves out of danger.


How the Activ’Shield Works

The Activ’Shield system has been designed to maintain easy access and visibility to the controls. This is important as it means that there is no change in working practice or comfort for the operator.

The Activ’Shield works through the following steps.

  1. The ACTIV’Shield Bar automatically stops the boom lift when activated at an angle of 18 degrees. An alarm then sounds and alerts the operator and others nearby. If the bar angle does not reach the full 18 degrees, only the alarm will sound to warn the operator of danger.
  2. The Safety Gap allows operators to place themselves out of danger. This gives the operator the opportunity to safely rescue themselves before serious situations arise.
  3. Once the system’s safety alert is activated, only reverse and lowering movements are permitted. This can allow a panicked operator to get out of trouble without making the situation worse.

After the Activ’Shield system has been triggered, it is easy to reset and reactivate from the basket. This means there is no machine downtime as the operator does not require a person on the ground to bring the boom lift.

Haulotte Activ'Shield activates when the br is compressed to 18 degrees

Improving Industry Standards and Safety

With the innovative ACTIV’Shield system, Haulotte has gone much further than current industry requirements in Australia and worldwide. The safety system gives the operator the opportunity to not only potentially prevent a full entrapment situation, but also the means to self-rescue should one occur.

Introduction of the anti-crush bar on both new and retrofitted booms, is an initiative of United to improve operator safety in the workplace.  The unique system affirms United and Haulotte’s commitment to leadership in working at height safety when using elevated work platforms.


Contact United to learn more about the Activ’Shield anti-crush bar or to get a quote to have one fitted to your Haulotte boom lift.