Intermodal Group Updates Fleet with Flow Drive Reach Stackers

24 January 2020

Intermodal Group has placed a new order for an additional five Konecranes flow drive reach stackers. The order also included one empty container handler for double stacking.

In early 2019, Intermodal Link Services (ILS), one of two companies that comprise the Intermodal Group, received Australia’s first reach stacker equipped with Flow Drive. Following on from last year’s inaugural delivery, ILS has once again placed a new order for six Konecranes lift trucks. This included five flow drive reach stackers and one empty container handler with a double stacking spreader.

Handover of nre Konecranes reach stacker with Flow Drive

United’s Sam Gazzone, Konecranes Business Development Manager, at Fremantle Port handing over one of the new flow drive reach stackers to Adam Lebihan, State Manager of Intermodal Link Services.

Intermodal Group

Intermodal Group, located close to Fremantle Port near Perth, is an industry leader in rail transport and container storage. The Group plays a crucial role in the import/export container logistics supply chain in the state of Western Australia. This includes the capacity to move large numbers of containers to ease congestion on local roads. Furthermore, Intermodal Group actively contributes to smoother and more efficient port operations.

Intermodal Link Services

ILS offers end-to-end services at two terminals, strategically located in Fremantle and Forrestfield. Complementary to road transport solutions, they also efficiently move containers by rail between the wharf and terminals.

Furthermore, ILS is committed to delivering efficient logistics services and transport solutions that are both commercially viable and environmentally friendly. They are constantly seeking innovative solutions to increase uptime, reduce the overall cost of ownership and minimise their carbon footprint. These main factors were the reason they purchased their first reach stacker with flow drive in September 2018.

“We are constantly reviewing our business to seek solutions that can enhance our operations”, said Adam Lebihan, State Manager of Intermodal link Services. “Improving the efficiency of our lift truck fleet to maximise operating times, reduce fuel costs whilst maintaining a positive impact on the environment, is very important to us”.

What is Flow Drive?

Flow Drive is one of three Konecranes ECOLIFTING Solutions available for lift trucks that benefits businesses. It includes an innovative Hydromechanical Variable Transmission (HVT), which reduces carbon emissions and fuel consumption by up to 25%. Furthermore, it boosts productivity by increasing the time spent on active operations – all with a minimal financial investment.

ILS orders five more reach stackers with flow drive

Flow Drive Reach Stackers Deliver Positive Benefits

Since introducing their first SMV 4531 TC5 flow drive reach stacker into their fleet, ILS have already observed positive benefits. This influenced their decision to add an additional five reach stackers with Flow Drive into their operation.

“Since receiving our Konecranes reach stacker with flow drive almost 12 months ago, we’ve already seen positive reductions in fuel consumption and Improvements in overall productivity. With a need to renew our fleet, it made the decision to include Flow Drive in all our new machines much easier”, said Mr Lebihan.

Additionally, ILS have ordered an empty container handler to maximise the rest of their activities at the Port. The Konecranes empty container handler model SMV 5/6 ECC 100 DS includes a double stacking spreader. This provides the ability to handle two containers, weighing up to 10 tonne, and reach the 5th and 6th containers in a stack at the same time. As a result, the lift truck can increase efficiency in their business by reducing working cycle times.

Dedicated Backup and Support

Backup and support was another key factor which influenced ILS’s decision to rent the new container lift trucks from United. Having built a long-term partnership for over 10 years, United’s strong customer service and support has played an important role in ILS’s operation.

“As we operate around the clock, maintaining fleet uptime is critical to the success of our business. United understands our business and have always provided the highest levels of service and support to meet our ongoing needs”, said Mr Lebihan.


“We’re always proud to hear that our service-minded attitude makes all the difference. With Konecranes Lift Trucks, we can be sure that we’re providing our customers with the best solutions possible”, says United’s Konecranes National Sales and Product Manager, John Morison.


What to Learn More?

For more information on how your business operation can benefit from Konecranes ECOLIFTING solutions, please contact United on 131 607 to speak to a product specialist. Alternatively, please email us your enquiry.