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Forklift LPG Bottle Exchange & Bulk Storage

United offers reliable LPG solutions to help businesses fuel their forklift fleet. Whether its a regular forklift gas bottle exchange or a bulk LPG storage solution for onsite forklift gas cylinder refilling, we can help. United can tailor a competitive LPG solution to suit your business’s needs and usage requirements.

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LPG Gas Solutions to Fuel Your Business

With the support of one of Australia’s largest LPG suppliers, United can provide businesses with safe, clean and efficient LPG gas and storage solutions. No matter the size of your business or LPG usage demands, we can tailor a solution suited for your needs. We can offer very competitive pricing and take care of the service and support to help reduce your forklift running costs.


Our LPG GAS Solutions

United offer customers two LPG Gas solutions including bulk LPG gas storage and forklift gas bottle exchange. Which of these solutions is right for your business depends on your business setup and usage demands.

United bulk LPG gas solutions

Bulk LPG Gas Storage

Our bulk LPG Gas storage solution is suited for businesses with higher weekly LPG usage. LPG Gas is stored within a gas storage vessel onsite and refilled by tankers as required. This storage vessel allows personnel to refill forklift gas bottles quickly and conveniently on the go.

Our bulk LPG storage tanks are available in a variety of sizes to suit the businesses LPG needs. We can accurately determine your LPG gas usage and recommend a tank size that meets the business requirements and budget.

Once a storage tank is setup onsite, United can organise regular deliveries to top up your tank based on your demand. This minimises the chances of your LPG gas running out which can cause expensive downtime in your business.


Small Storage Tanks

The smaller 210kg, 1.0kl and 2.5kl LPG storage tank options are ideal for smaller businesses. Requiring less space onsite, they can be installed in twin setups to maximise storage capacity.


Large Storage Tanks

The larger 5.0kl and 7.5kl storage tank options are ideal for larger businesses with many forklifts that have higher LPG gas usage.


United forklift cylinder exchange

Forklift LPG Bottle Exchange

Forklift LPG bottle exchange is a popular service we offer customers. Whether your business uses one forklift gas bottle a month or twenty, United can arrange a regular milk run delivery service to suit your usage. These forklift LPG cylinders are available in either a 15kg gas bottle size or an 18kg gas bottle size. Prior to being delivery, all LPG cylinders are properly inspected when they are filled.


Next day Service

We also offer a next day service on forklift LPG gas bottle exchange. If you order today, rest assured we’ll have forklift gas to your business tomorrow.


LPG bottle exchange with United


Emergency Supply

Should your business unexpectedly run out of bottled gas, we can have an emergency supply delivered to your business. This rapid response service ensures minimal downtime and disruption to your business.



LPG Safety and Training

To complement our service, we also offer LPG training to business personnel. This safety training ensures the correct operating procedures involving the safe use, transportation and decanting of LPG tanks. The training can be provided on site or at our dedicated training centre.


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