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Ensure the smooth running of your project with United Equipment's scissor lift hire in Brisbane. From construction to maintenance jobs, you will find the scissor lifts you need at United. Our extensive fleet of diesel, electric and tracked scissor lifts can meet a range of requirements. We tailor our solutions and guarantee safety, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Trust us for your Brisbane scissor lift hire and get a quote today. Contact our Richlands team for more information. 

Diesel Scissor Lift Hire

For outdoor projects requiring strength and durability, choose our diesel scissor lifts for hire in Brisbane. These rugged lifts excel in varying terrains, offering high lifting capacities and extended reach. Ideal for construction and industrial tasks, our diesel scissor lifts ensure your project progresses seamlessly, regardless of the challenge. 


Electric Scissor Lift Hire

United's electric scissor lifts for hire in Brisbane provide the perfect solution for indoor and noise-sensitive environments. With zero emissions and quiet operation, these scissor lifts are suited for warehouses, shopping centres and other enclosed spaces. Benefit from their compact design and excellent manoeuvrability for your operations. 

Tracked Scissor Lift Hire

Navigate difficult terrain with ease using our tracked scissor lifts. Hire these for stability and safety on uneven surfaces across challenging Brisbane sites. With their unique levelling capabilities, our tracked scissor lifts are the versatile choice for reaching tough heights. 


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When it comes to Brisbane scissor lift hire, United is your go-to partner for comprehensive, tailored solutions. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist in selecting the perfect scissor lift for your specific project requirements. Reach out today for professional advice, availability and competitive hire rates. You can get a quote here or contact our Richlands location directly. 

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