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Electrify Your Lifting Experience

Discover how advancements in technology has helped produce today’s most innovative electric forklifts. Cleaner, smoother and energy efficient, these electric forklifts will boost productivity while driving down costs in any business.

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Electric forklifts have always been considered a costly and inefficient option compared to engine powered models. However, over the past few years, improvements in both design and battery technology has paved the way for smarter and more efficient electric lift trucks.

Electric forklifts now carry benefits that can outweigh the higher purchase cost, from cleaner and quieter operation, right through to higher energy efficiency and smoother performance. Lower running costs and maintenance also help drive down the overall cost of ownership, making them a viable lifting solution for businesses.

So, whether your business is trying to boost efficiencies or reduce its carbon footprint, electric forklifts may just be a suitable lifting solution.

Introducing two of today’s most innovative electric forklifts available by United.

The next generation EP-CB Series electric counterbalanced forklift combines comfort, safety and class leading performance. The EP-CB delivers the latest features you would expect in modern forklifts, to the brand new, productivity-boosting innovations that will speed up your workflow.

Experience the all new
Cat EP-CB electric forklift.

The E-VER Series electric forklift combines the long-lasting, heavy-duty Konecranes machinery with the latest eco-efficient features to enhance productivity, reduce energy consumption, and prevent exhaust emissions. Experience the exceptional levels of performance while decreasing your total cost of ownership and environmental impact.

Enhance your experience with the
Konecranes E-VER Forklift.

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