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United Electric Forklift Clearance

We’ve priced to clear our complete range of new United electric forklift floor stock. Take advantage of these unbelievable prices by securing your United forklift while stocks last.
  • Pallet trucks and Walkie Stackers from 1.2-1.8 tonne available
  • Various Masts including 2 stage and 3 stage options
  • Floor stock currently available for all models

Prices starting from $3,899+gst. Sale ends November 30th 2019.

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Limited floor stock available

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Landing Page Contact Form

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United C-Series Pallet Trucks

  • Electric DC motors
  • 1200-1800kg lift capacity
  • 115mm lift height
  • 3.8-6km/h travel speeds
  • Smooth handling
  • Easy maintenance
  • Available models NPP15E (1.5T) and NPP18E (1.8T)

Prices starting from $3,899.00+gst

for a NPP15E pallet truck

For more information about the range download the C-Series pallet truck specification brochure.

United A-Series Walkie Stackers

  • Electric DC and AC motors
  • 1200-1800kg lift capacity
  • 3.6-4.5m lift height
  • 3.5-5km/h travel speeds
  • Smooth Handling
  • Safe hydraulic system
  • Auto speed reduction
  • Adjustable straddle legs (except NSP18EAS)
  • Easy battery change
  • Easy maintenance
  • Available models NSP12ES (1.2T), NSP12EAS (1.2T) and NSP18EAS (1.8T).

Prices starting from $7,499.00+gst 

for a NSP12ES walkie stacker with a 2 stage 3.6m mast.

For more information about the range download the A-Series walkie stacker specification brochure.

United T-Series Walkie Reach Stackers

  • Double reach stacking
  • 1200-1500kg lift capacity
  • 2 Stage 4.3m and 3 Stage 5.5m masts available
  • 5.5-6km/h travel speeds
  • Maintenance-free AC electric motors
  • Smooth Handling
  • Auto speed reduction
  • Safe hydraulic system
  • Auto lift lock
  • Anti-roll back
  • Top battery loading design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Available models NSX12EA (1.2T) and NSX15EA (1.5T).

Prices starting from $17,999.00+gst 

for a NSX12EA walkie reach stacker with a 2 stage 4.3m mast.

For more information about the range download the T-Series walkie stacker specification brochure.

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Rent and Finance Available

United's dedicated in-house finance department can structure a competitive chattel mortgage agreement with repayments that meet your businesses cash flow requirements. To learn more about finance and rental options, enquire now.



Multifunctional Handles

All pallet trucks and walkie stacker models include a long tiller arm with an ergonomic handle. These comfortable handles with easily accessible controls provide effortless steering and allow the operator to multitask lifting and lowering functions. The smart drive switch also provides easy forward and reverse acceleration with the simple push of the thumb. There is also a proportional valve option available on the walkie stackers that offers even more precise control over lifting and lowering speeds.

Standard Pin Code Start

A pin code pad is included as standard on all electric forklift models. Once the lift truck is switched on, an operator must firstly enter the pin to operate the machine. This security feature allows businesses to control and limit the unauthorised use of the equipment. This is also especially important for boosting safety in the business by ensuring staff, who have not properly been trained, can not operate the specific equipment.

Intuitive Display

The smart display screen on all lift trucks provides operators with valuable information about the lift truck status. The information includes operating hours, battery level as well as error codes. The error codes allow operators to quickly diagnose any possible faults with the forklift straight away. This minimises downtime by ensuring quick identification and easy maintenance and servicing.

Safety Buttons

A safety button located on the top of each lift truck provides extra safety for the operator. With the push of the button, the power of the pallet truck or walkie stacker can be disabled straight away. The addition of a belly button on the handle further ensures that the power can be disabled when needed. This increases safety by preventing the operator from accidently getting run over or pressed between an object and the lift truck.

Easy Maintenance

Easily removable covers allow technicians to quickly access the battery and all major components. This allows inspection, replacement or maintenance tasks to be completed quickly.